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The table ablo haes the entries o Placenames in Scots (Gazetteer) from Scots Language Centre.

Key (in English)

✅: page for placename exists, and the Scots spelling is main title page

Wrang: doesn't mean totally wrong, just page for placename exists, but the Scots Language Centre's Scots spelling is not main title page (currently a redirect)

Make page redirect to: page for placename exists, but no Scots spelling currently

Notable enough to have a page: places that I'm noticing that its surprising there isn't a page already

Blank: not thoroughly checked if its wright or wrong yet

If you fix anything, please put it in the notes, or the Collogue if you prefer.

We should also keep existing spellings in the wiki as redirects, as a place might be known by more than one name

(Apologies for the mangled state of the notes, half scots, half English and part autocorrect. Scrieved at speed)

Scots English Cooncil area Notes
Aaford Alford Aiberdeenshire
Abruiven Aberuthven Perth an Kinross
Abyne Aboyne Aiberdeenshire
Acharacle Acharacle Argyll an Bute
Achiltibuie Achiltibuie Hieland Nae page
Achintee Achintee Hieland Nae page
Achnasheen Achnasheen Hieland Nae page
Affleck Auchinleck East Ayrshire
The Aibbey Dundrennan Dumfries an Gallowa
Aiberdeen Aberdeen Ceetie o Aiberdeen
Aiberdour Aberdour Fife
Aiberfeldy Aberfeldy Perth an Kinross
Aiberfyle Aberfoyle Stirlin
Aiberlady Aberlady East Lowden
Aiberlower Aberlour Moray
Aibintoun Abington South Lanrirkshire
Aichil Hills Ochill Hills N/A
Aid Aith (Shetland) Shetland Nae page
Aidee Isle of Eday Orkney
Aigle Edzell Angus
Airmadal Armadale (West Lothian) West Lowden
Ailsae Craig Ailsa Craig South Ayrshire
Aithe Aith (Orkney) Orkney Nae page
Ailyth Alyth Perth an Kinross
Ainster Anstruther Fife
Airdrie Airdrie North Lanrikshire
Airth Airth Fawkirk
Alloway Alloa Clackmannanshire
Alnes Alness Hieland Nae page
Alva Alva Clackmannanshire
Amulree Amulree Perth an Kinross
Angus Angus Angus
Annan Annan Dumfries an Gallowa
Annbank Annbank Sooth Ayrshire
Arbroad Arbroath (in local byleid) Angus
Arbroath Arbroath (in ither byleid) Angus
Ardentinny Ardentinny Argyll an Bute Nae page
Ardfern Ardfern Argyll an Bute Nae page
Ardmeinish Ardminish Argyll an Bute Nae page
Ardnamurachan Ardnamurachan Hieland Notable enough to have a page
Ardrishaig Ardrishaig Argyll an Bute Notable enough to have a page
Ardrussan Ardrossan North Ayrshire
Ardtalla Ardtalla Argyll an Bute Nae page
Ardvasar Ardvasar Hieland Nae page
Argye Ardgay Hieland
Argyll Argyll N/A
Argower Ardgour Hieland Nae page
Arinagour Arinagour Argyll an Bute Nae page
Arisaig Arisaig Hieland Nae page
Arngra Irongray Dumfries an Gallowa Nae page
Arrochar Arrochar Argyll an Bute Nae page
Ascok Ascog Argyll an Bute Nae page
Assynt Assynt Hieland
Athelstaneford Athelstanford East Lowden Nae page
Atholl Atholl
Auch Avoch Hieland
Auchengree Auchengray South Lanrikshire Nae page
Auchterairder Auchterarder Perth an Kinross
Auld Deer Old Deer Aiberdeenshire
Auld Rayne Old Rayne Aiberdeenshire
The Auld Toun Old Town (Aberdeen) Aiberdeen
The Auld Toun Old Town (Edinburgh) Edinburgh
Auldhoose Auldhouse Glesga & sindry South Lanrikshire ✅ (Needs disambig page)
Auldmeldrum Oldmeldrum Aiberdeenshire
Aultbea Aultbea Hieland
Auskerry Soond
Auskerry Sound
Auvis Alves Moray
Aviemore Aviemore Hieland
Ayr Ayr Sooth Ayrshire
Badenoch Badenoch Hieland Nae page (area)
Badrule Bedrule The Mairches Nae page
Balallan Balallan The Waster Isles
Balemairtin Balemartine The Waster Isles Nae Page (Tiree)
Balerno Balerno Edinburgh
Balevullin Balevullin The Waster Isles Nae Page (Tiree)
Ballachulish Ballachulish Hieland
Ballantrae Ballantrae Sooth Ayrshire
Ballater Ballater Aiberdeenshire
Ballichal Dingwall (local name) Hieland ✅ Muived ti Dingwal
Balloch Balloch Wast Dunbartonshire ✅ Muived fae Balloch, Wast Dunbartonshire
Ballivanich Ballivanich The Waster Isles Nae Page (Benbecula)
Ballmaclellan Ballmaclellan Dumfries an Gallowa Nae page
Balmairnie Balmerino Fife ✅ Muived fae Bawmirnae
Baltasoond Baltasound Shetland Nae page
Bamff Banff Aiberdeenshire ✅ Muived fae Banff, Aiberdeenshire
Banchry Banchory Aiberdeenshire
The Bannockburn Bannockburn Stirlin Nae page
Barra Barra The Waster Isles
Barra Heid Barra Head The Waster Isles
Barvas Barvas The Waster Isles
Basta Voe Basta Voe Shetland ✅ Muived fae Basta, Shetland
Bathket Bathgate Wast Lowdern
Baurheid Barrhead East Renfrewshire
Baurhill Barrhill (Ayrshire) Sooth Ayrshire
Beattock Beattock Dumfries an Gallowa
Beithe Beith North Ayrshire
Bellshill Bellshill North Lanrikshire
Belmunt Belmont (Shetland) Shetland Nae page
Ben Lawers Ben Lawers N/A
Ben Lomond Ben Lomond N/A
Bernisdal Bernisdale Hieland Nae page
Berrick Berwick Ingland the nou ✅ Muived fae Sou Berik
Berrydal Berriedale Hieland Nae page
Bervie Inverbervie Aiberdeenshire Nae page
Bettyhill Bettyhill Hieland
Beulie Beauly Hieland ✅ Muived fae Beauly
Beulie Firth Beauly estuary N/A
Biggar Biggar South Lanrikshire ✅ Muived fae Biggar, Sooth Lanrikshire
Bilger Toun Cairnbulg (local name) Aiberdeenshire Nae page
Bingry Ballingray Fife
Birgeam Birgham The Mariches ✅ Muived fae Birgham
Birnam Birnam Perth an Kinross Pairt o Dunkeld an Birnam
Black Isle Black Isle Hieland
Blackfuird Blackford Perth an Kinross ✅ Muived faeBlackford, Perth an Kinross
Blackwatterfuit Blackwaterfoot North Ayrshire ✅ Muived fae Blackwatterfit
Blaidnoch Bladnoch Dumfries an Gallowa ✅ Muived fae Blaidnoch, Dumfries an Gallowa
Blair o Atholl Blair Atholl Perth an Kinross ✅ Muived fae Blair Atholl
Blair Blairgowrie Perth an Kinross Pairt o Blairgowrie an Rattray
Bonarbrig Bonar Bridge Hieland Nae page
Bo'ness Borrowstounness Fawkirk
Bonnybrig Bonnybridge Fawkirk ✅ Muived fae Bonniebrig
Bonnyrigg Bonnyrigg Midlowden
Bosells St Boswells The Mairches
The Bowland Bowling Wast Dunbartonshire ✅ Muived fae Bowlin
Bowmore Bowmore Argyll an Bute Nae page
Braemar Braemar Aiberdeenshire
Braeswick Braeswick Orkney Nae page
Bracadale Bracadale Hieland
Brae Moray Upland Moray
Braes o Airn Earn foothills
The Braid Law Broad Law
The Braid Sea Arm of Moray estuary
Braidalbyn Breadalbane
Braidfuird Broadford
Bray Brae (Shetland)
Breichin Brechin
Bressa Bressay
Bressa Soond Bressay Sound
Brig Allan Bridge of Allan
Brig o Dee Bridge of Dee (Aberdeen)
Brig o Dee Bridge of Dee (Kirkcudbright)
Brig o Don Bridge of Don (Aberdeen)
Brig o Orchy Bridge of Orchy
Brig o Turk Bridge of Turk
Brig o Weir Bridge of Weir
Brigen Bridgend (Islay)
The Briggs Bishopbriggs
The Bring Deeps Bring Deeps
The Broch Fraserburgh
Brochheid Burghead
Brochheid Bey Burghead Bay
Brochty Brought Ferry
Brocksburn Broxburn
Broughtoun Broughtown (Orkney)
Bruchheid Broughhead (Orkney)
Bruchtoun Broughton
Brudick Brodick
Bruichladdich Bruichladdich
Bruntislan Burntisland
Brydekirk Brydekirk
Buchan Buchan
Buchlyvie Buchlyvie
Buckhyne Buckhaven
Buckie Buckie
Buinster Bonchester Bridge
Buit Bute Gauns tae Buit (fir yer fit), but thar is nae article fir Bute to link tae. Notable enough to have a page.
Bunessan Bunessan
Bunnahabhainn Bunnahabhainn
Burnmooth Burnmouth
Burrafirth Burrafirth
Burravoe Burravoe
Burrick Burwick
Burrow Heid Burrow Head (Galloway)
Byrehills Boarhills
Cairel Carlisle (Cumbria)
The Cairn Cairnryan
Cairngorms Cairngorms
The Cairter Carter Bar
Caitnes Caithness
Caitterlin Catterline
Callander Callander
Caltoun Calton (Glasgow)
Cammletoun Campbeltown
Cammletoun Fort George (Nairn)
Cammonell Colmonell
Camnethen Cambusnethan
Camsie Fells Campsie Fells
Camslang Cambuslang
Canna Canna
Cannich Cannich
Cannigait Canongate (Edinburgh)
Cape Wrauth Cape Wrath
Cappercleuch Cappercleuch
Carbost Carbost
Carlawa Carloway
Carlin’s Lowp Carlops
Carlinwark Castle Douglas Wrang
Carluke Carluke
Carndook Carnwadric (Glasgow)
Carnoustie Carnoustie
Carrin Carriden
Carradal Carradale
Carsphairn Carsphairn
Carstairs Carstairs
Carwaal Caldwell (Ayrshire)
Castleby Castlebay
Caukerbush Calkerbush
Caustrem Coldstream
Cautrine Catrine
Cawder Cadder (Lanark)
Cawdor Cawdorm Nairn
Cawlessie Collessie
Cellardyke Cellardyke
The Chaennry Fortrose
The Chesters Chesters
Chirsit Chirnside
Clachanpluck Laurieston
Clashmore Clashmore
Cleyhole Stranraer (local name) Redirects to Stranrawer
Clousta Clousta
Clydebank Clydebank
Coatbrig Coatbridge
Cock Brig Cock Bridge Notable enough to have a page
Cockennie Cockenzie
Colgrave Soond Colgrave Sound
Colintrive Colintraive
Colonsay Colonsay Notable enough to have a page
Coll Coll
The Collach Cummingstown
Collafirth Collafirth
Comrie Comrie
Connel Connel
Conon Brig Conon Bridge
Contin Contain
Cooter Peter Culter
Copath Cockburnspath
Corran Corran
Corrie Corrie
The  Corse o Slake Area south of Creetown
Coudenbaith Cowdenbeath
Courus Culross
Couter Area of Culter Fell
Cowdnam Coldingham
Cowsea Covesea
Cowie Watter River Cowie (Stonehaven)
Cowpshawholme Newcastleton
Craighoose Craighouse (Jura)
Craigie Craigie (Ayrshire ) This links tae the burd. But Craigie important historically, isnae as notable the day.
Crailin Crailing
Crathie Crathie
Crawfuird Crawford
Creagan Creagan
Creagorry Creagorry
Crianlarich Crianlarich
Crichie Stuartfield
Crichton Crichton
Crieff Crieff
Cromarty Cromarty
Cromarty Firth Cromarty estuary
Crossmickle Crossmichael
Crossraigle Crossraguel
Cruden Bey Cruden Bay
The Cruives o Cree Area north of Creetown
Crummie Abercromby
Culain Culzean
Culkein Culkein
Cullen Cullen
Cullipool Cullipool
Cullivoe Cullivoe
Cults Cults
Cummernaud Cumbernauld
Cummertrees Cummertrees
Cumnock Cumnock
Cunnel Park Connel Park
Cupar Cupar
Cyaak New Pitsligo
Cyarnbulg Cairnbulg (in ither byleid)
Dabaittie Dalbeattie (Kirkcudbright)
Dailly Dailly
Dairsie Dairsie
Dalhalvaig Dalhalvaig
Daliburgh Daliburgh
Dalleagles Dalleagles
Dalmally Dalmally Notable enough tae hae a page
Dalnaspidal Dalnaspidal
Dalwhinnie Dalwhinnie
Damelintoun Dalmellington ✅ Moved from Dawmellinton
Darymple Dalrymple Notable enough tae have a page
Daukeith Dalkeith
Dawry Dalry ✅ Moved from Dalry, North Ayrshire
The Deeps The Deeps (Shetland)
Deer Soond Deer Sound
Deggity Dalgetty
Denny Denny Notable enough to have a page (dis it no have 15,000 fowk or sumhin)!
Derval Darval
Dingwal Dingwall (in ither byleid)
Dinnad Dunnet
Dinnad Bey Dunnet Bay
Dinnad Heid Dunnet Head
Dinnin Dunning
Dirletoun Dirleton
Dollar Dollar ✅ Disambiguation between $ and Dollar, Clackmannanshire
Donibirsel Donibristle
Doorie Voe Duryvoe
Dornach Dornach
Dornach Firth Dornach estuary
Douglas Douglas
Dounby Dounby (Orkney)
Doune Doune
Dounerie Dounreay
Dowally Dowally
Dowfintoun Dolphinton
Drimmen Drymen
The Drum Drumchapel (Glasgow) Notable enough tae hae a page
Drumclug Drumclog
Drumelyer Drumelzier
Drumleithie Drumlithie
Drummore Drummore
Drumnadrochit Drumnadrochit
Drysal Dryfesdale
Duirnish Duirnish
Dufftoun Dufftown
Dulap Dunlop
Dumbartoun Dumbarton Wrang
Dumfaurlin Dunfermline
Dunbar Dunbar Wrang
Dunbithe Dunbeath
Dunblane Dunblane
Duncasby Duncansby
Dungalsby Heid Duncansby Head
Duncroob Duncrub
Dundee Dundee
Dunkell Dunkeld
Dundunnel Dundonald ✅Moved from Dundonal, Sooth Ayrshire
Dunour Dunure ✅ Moved from Dunure (Dunure Castle should probably be merged to it)
Dunragit Dunragit
Dunuin Dunoon
Dunvegan Dunvegan
Durness Durness
Dusdeer Durisdeer (Dumfries)
Duthil Duthil
Dyce Dyce
Dysart Dysart
Eaglesham Eaglesham
East Kilbride East Kilbride
East Lyntoun East Linton
East Weems East Wemyss
Easter Ross Eastern Ross
Easterskeld Easterskeld
Eastriggs Eastriggs
Ecclefechan Ecclefechan
Eckfuird Eckford
Edderton Edrington
Eddertoun Edderton
Edinburrae Edinburgh (eastern Scots byleid) Wrang BUT should check wi Edinburgh folk first
Edincraw Auchincraw
Eenlan Inellan
Eigg Eigg
Eilan Ellon
Elgin Elgin
The Elie Elie
Elgol Elgol
Elphin Elphin
Elvanfut Elvanfoot
Embra Edinburgh (central and wastern byleid)
The Ennie Enzie
Enterkinfuit Enterkinfoot
Eriboll Eriboll
Eskdalmair Eskdalemuir
Eynhallow Soond Eynhallow Sound
Gairloch Gairloch
Gairlochheid Garelochhead ✅ Moved from Garelochheid
Gairtihorn Gartocharn
Gaithoose o Fleet Gatehouse of Fleet
Gallae Galashiels
Gallowa Galloway
Gargunnock Gragunnock
Garynahine Garynahine
Gawstoun Galston ✅ Moved from Gauston
The Geerie Garioch (Aberdeenshire)
Gigha Gigha
Gifford Gifford
Girvan Girvan
Glams Glamis
Glen Clovay Glen Clova
Glenbuck Glenbuck
Glenelg Glenelg
Glenfarg Glenfarg
Glenfinnan Glenfinnan
Glenislay Glenisla
Glenlivet Glenlivet
Glenluice Glenluce
Glenrothes Glenrothes
Glesca Glasgow (central an wastren Scots)
Glesga Glasgow (central an wastren Scots)
Glescae Glasgow (eastern Scots byleid) ✅ Redirects to Glesga
Glesgae Glasgow (eastern Scots byleid)
The Glessert Glassford Notable enough tae hae a page
Glesterlaw Glasterlaw
Gloup Gloup
Golspie Golspie
Gonfirth Gonfirth
Gorseness Gorseness
Gourock Gourock
Grangemooth Grangemouth
Grantellie Grandtully
Grantoun Grantown on Spey
Greenloanin Greenloaning
Greenock Greenock
Fairlie Fairlie
Farfar Forfar
Fauklan Falkland
Fauslane Faslane
Feolin Ferry Feolin Ferry
Ferness Ferness
The Ferry North Queensferry (Fife) ✅ Moved from North Queensferry
Ferrytoun o Cree Creetown Wrang
Feshie Fetterangus
Fetlar Isle of Fetlar
Fetterie Fettercairn
Finichty Findochty
Finnan Findon
Finnie Funzie
Fintry Fintry
Fionnport Fionnport
Firth o Clyde Clyde estuary
Firth o Forth Forth estuary
Firth o Tey Tay estuary Notable enough tae have a page
Fittie Footdee (Aberdeen)
Fladdabister Fladdabister
Fochabers Fochabers
Fogieloan Aberchirder ✅ Moved from Aberchirder
Foola Isle of Foula
Fooldin Foulden
Forgan Forgan
Formartin Formartin
Forres Forres
Forsinard Forsinard
Fort Augustus Fort Augustus
The Fort Fort William Shocked it disnae have a page!!!!
Fountainhaw Fountainhall
Freick Friockheim
The Fruchy Freuchie
Fyers Foyers
Gaimrie Gardenstown
The Gairbrig Guardbridge
Gretna Gretna Green ✅ Moved from Gretna, Dumfries an Gallowa
The Groats John of Groats ✅ Moved from John o Groats
Gruinlaw Greenlaw ✅ Moved from Greenlaw
Gruitin Voe Grouting Voe
Guillan Gullane ✅ Moved from Guilane
Gulber Wick Gulber Wick
Gurden Gourdon
Haaick Hawick
The Haen East Haven (Angus)
Haidintoun Hadington
Hakrig Halkirk
Ham Soond Ham Sound
Hamiltoun Hamilton
Hamnavoe Hamnavoe
Haroldsweik Haroldswick
Harris Harris Notable enough tae have a page
Hatoun Hatton
The Hauch Haugh of Urr
Haudman Hopeman Notable enough tae have a page
Hellar Heylar
Helmsdal Helmsdale Wrang
Henderleithen Innerleithen ✅ Moved from Innerleithen
Herma Ness Herma Ness
Heymooth Eyemouth
The Hop St Margaret’s Hope ✅ Moved from St Margaret's Hup
Howe o Fife Hollow of Fife
Howe o the Mearns Hollow or lowland of Kincardineshire
Howwuid Howwood Notable enough to have a page
Hoy Isle of Hoy
Hoy Soond Hoy Sound
Humbie Humbie
Huntly Huntly
Hurkle Horncliffe
Hurliness Hurliness
Hutoun Hutton
Ila Islay ✅ Moved from Islay (along with associated Categories)
Inchnadamph Inchnadamph
Indermey Invermay (Perthshire)
Inneraan Inveravon (Strath Avon)
Innerarity Inverarity
Innerey Inverey
Innergarry Invergarry
Innergordon Invergordon
Innergourie Invergowrie
Innerkip Inverkip Notable enough to hae a page
Innerkeithin Inverkeithing ✅ Moved from Inverkeithin
Innerlochy Inverlochy
Innermoriston Invermoriston
Innernaver Invernaver
Innerness Inverness
Innerurie Inverurie
The Insch Insch Notable enough to have a page
Inverera Inverary ✅ Moved from Inverara
Iona Iona
Irvin Irvine
Isle o Skye Isle of Skye
Isle o Struima Island of Stroma
The Isle Area around Whithorn ✅ Redirects to Isle o Whithorn itsel
Kilcattan Bey Kilchattan Bay
Kilchoan Kilchoan
Killearn Killearn Notable enough to have a page
Kilmairtin Kilmartin
Kilmaluag Kilmaluag
Kilmaurnock Kilmarnock ✅ Moved from Kilmarnock
Kilmaurs Kilmaurs
Kilmecom Kilmalcolm Notable enough to hae a page
Kilmelford Kilmelford
Kilmory Kilmory
Kilmun Kilmun
Kilniver Kilniver
Kilrinnie Kilrenny
Kilseyth Kilsyth ✅ Moved from Kilsyth
Kilwinnin Kilwinning
Kinauskit Kinnesswood (Kinross)
Kinblidmont Kinblethmont
Kincairdin Kincardine (Clackmannan) ✅ Moved from Kincardine
Kincraig Kincraig
Kineussie Kingussie
Kinghoarn Kinghorn
Kinker Kincardine O’Neil
Kinlochbervie Kinlochbervie
Kinlochewe Kinlochewe
Kinlochiel Kinlochiel
Kinlochleven Kinlochleven
Kinloss Kinloss
Kinnairds Heid Kinnaird Head
Kinnucher Kilconquhar
Kinross Kinross
Kintair Kintore ✅ Moved from Kintore, Aiberdeenshire
Kippen Kippen
Kirkbean Kirkbean
Kirkcaudy Kirkcaldy Wrang
Kirkconnel Kirkconnel
Kirkintulloch Kirkintilloch ✅ Moved from Kirkintilloch
Kirkmaiden Kirkmaiden
Kirkcoubrie Kirkcudbright
Kirkoasald Kirkoswald ✅ Moved from Kirkossald, Sooth Ayrshire
Kirkpatrick Durham Kirkpatrick Durham Wrang
Kirkpatrick Fleemin Kirkpatrick Fleming
Jethart Jedburgh
Johnshaven Johnshaven
Johnstoun Johnstone
Johnstounbrig Johnstonebridge
Jura Jura
Keith Keith
Kelsae Kelso
Kelty Kelty
Kennaway Kennoway ✅ Moved from Kennoway
Kerse o Gowrie Carse of Gowrie
Kilbarchan Kilbarchan
Kilbaxter Kilvaxter
Kilbrannan Soond Kilbrannan Sound
Kilburnie Kilbirnie
Kilcagie Kilncadzow
Kirktoun o Clovay Clova
Kirktoun o Glenislay Kirkton of Glenisla
Kirktoun o Lairgo Upper Largo
Kirkwa Kirkwall (in Orkney byleid) Wrang
Kirkwal Kirkwall (in ither byleid) ✅ Redirects to Kirkwa
Kirriemair Kirriemuir ✅ Moved from Kirriemuir
Kyle o Lochalsh Kyle of Lochalsh
Kyleakin Kyleakin
Kylerhea Kylerhea
Kylestrome Kylestrome
Kyletoun Coylton Notable enough to have a page
Ladybank Ladybank
Laesswade Lasswade
Laggan Bey Lagan Bay
Laich o Moray Hollow or lowland of Moray
Lairbert Larbert
Lairg Lairg
Lairgieward Largoward
Lairgs Largs Wrang
Laitheron Latheron
Laitheronwheel Latheronwheel
Lamintoun Lamington
Lammerton Lamberton
Lamlash Lamlash
Lammermair Hills Lammermmuir Hills
Langniddry Longniddry
Lanrik Lanark
Larkhaw Larkhall Notable enough to have a page
Lawther Lauder
Laxa Laxa
The Leaf Lilliesleaf
Ledaig Ledaig
The Leidhill Leadhills ✅ Moved from Leidhills
Leidburn Leadburn
Leivinstoun Livingston
Lendalfuit Lendalfoot
Lerook Lerwick (in Shetland byleid) ✅ Moved from Lerwick
Lerrick Lerwick (in ither byleid)
Lesslie Leslie
Leuchars Leuchars
Leven Leven
Leverburgh Leverburgh
Lewis Lewis
Linga Soond Linga Sound
Lismahagie Lesmahagow
Lismore Lismore Notable enough to have a page (an island)
Lithgae Linlithgow
Littlemill Littlemill
Loanheid Loanhead
Loch Alin Lochaline
Loch Awe Loch Awe This just offer a redirect to en:Loch Awe
Loch Broom Loch Broom
Loch Earn Loch Earn
Loch Fannich Loch Fannich
Loch Fyne Loch Fyne
Loch Leven Loch Leven
Loch Lochy Loch Lochy
Loch Maree Loch Maree
Loch Morar Loch Morar
Loch Ness Loch Ness
Loch Rannoch Loch Rannoch
Loch Shin Loch Shin
Loch Snizort Loch Snizort
Loch Tey Loch Tay
Loch Torridon Loch Torridon
Lochaber Lochaber
Lochailort Lochailort
Lochboisdale Lochboisdale
Lochearnheid Lochearnhead
Lochgilpheid Lochgilphead
Lochineuch Lochwinnoch
Lochinver Lochinver
Lochirmachus Longformachus
Lochmaddy Lochmaddy
Lochmaiben Lochmaben
Lockerbie Lockerbie
Logelly Lochgelly
Longhop Longhope
Lossie Lossiemouth
Lothian Lothian
Lowden Lothian
Lowrinkirk Laurencekirk ✅ Moved from Lowrenkirk
Lugar Lugar
Lugtoun Lugton
Isle o Luing Isle of Luing
Luncarty Luncarty
Lunnin Lunning
Luthermair Luthermair
Lybster Lybster
Macduff Macduff Notable enough to have a page
Machrihanish Bey Machrihanish Bay
The Maidens Maidens
Mairfuit Hills Moorfoot Hills
Mairkinch Markinch ✅ Moved from Merkinch
Mairkirk Muirkirk
Mallaig Mallaig
Marybank Marybank
Mauchlin Mauchline ✅ Moved from Mauchline
Maxtoun Maxton
The Mearns Newton Means (Kincardineshire) Need to look at agin
Medderty Madderty
Meirbattle Morebattle
Menreith Monreith
The Merrick Merrick Hill ✅ Moved from Merrick, Gallowa
Meffen Methven
Meigle Meigle
Methul Methil ✅ Moved from Methil
Mewries Melrose ✅ Moved from Melrose
Meybole Maybole
Meuthal Muthill
The Mey Isle of May
Mid Yell Mid Yell
The Milk Castlemilk
Milligs Mill Helensburgh ✅ Moved from Eelansburgh
Millport Millport Notable enough tae have a page
Milltimmer Milltimber
Milnathort Milnathort
The Minch The Minch Notable enough tae have a page
Minnyhive Moniaive
Mintla Mintlaw ✅ Moved from Mintlaw
The Moil o Kintyre Mull of Kintrye ✅ Redirects to Moil o Kintyre, which I moved from Mull o Kintyre
Monifieth Monifieth
Monrumment Montreathmont
Montrose Montrose
Moray Firth Moray estuary
The Morroes Murroes
Morvern Morvern
Motherwal Motherwell ✅ Moved from Mitherwall
Muchalls Muchalls
Muchtie Auchtermuchty ✅ Moved from Auchtermuchty
Muck Muck
Muckle Roi Muckle Roe
The Muckle Toun o the Langham Langholm ✅ Page still Langham, maybe need second source
Muffat Moffat ✅ Moved from Moffat
Muie Muie
Muinee Monzie
Muir o Ord Muir of Ord
Mulbenn Mulben
Mulguy Milngavie ✅ Moved from Milgey
Mull o Gallowa Mull of Galloway
Mull o Oa Mull of Oa
Mullheid Mullhead (Orkney)
Munross Montrose (local name)
Musselburrae Musselburgh ✅ Moved from Musselburgh
Nairn Nairn
Neebrie Newburgh (Aberdeenshire) ✅ Moved from Neeburgh, Aiberdeenshire
Neilstoun Neilston
Neisbet Nisbet
Ness Port of Ness
Nethy Brig Nethy Bridge
New Aiberdour New Aberdour
New Cumnock New Cumnock
New Gallowa New Galloway
New Toun St Combs
Newmills Newmilns (Ayrshire)
Newport on Tey Newport on Tay ✅ Moved from Newport-on-Tay
Newtoun Stewart Newton Stewart
Newtounmore Newtonmore
Nidsdale Nithsdale Notable enough to have a page
Niberrie Newburgh (Fife)
Nine Mile Bar Crocketford ✅ Moved from Crocketfuird
Nittoun Newtongrange
North Berrick North Berwick ✅ Moved from North Berwick
North Punds North Punds
North Roi North Roe
North Tolsta North Tolsta
North Uist North Uist
Northtoun Northton (Harris)
Northwal Northwall (Orkney)
Norweik Norwick (Shetland)
Noss Heid Noss Head
Nybster Nybster
The Pans Prestonpans
Papa Soond Papa Sound
Papa Stour Papa Stour
Papa Westree Papa Westray ✅ Moved from Papa Westray
Pathheid Pathhead
Patna Patna (en) This article is about an Indian city, the place in Scotland is notable enough to have its own page
Pechtland Firth Pentland estuary
Peebles Peebles
Peeriewal Pierowall
Penicuik Penicuik
Pennan Pennan
Perth Perth ✅ Disambiguation
Peterheid Peterhead
Pincaitlan Pencaitland
Pinmore Pinmore
Pitlochry Pitlochry
Point Point
Pool o Virkie Pool of Virkie
Poolewe Poolewe
Port Appin Port Appin
Port Askaig Port Askaig
Port Ellen Port Ellen
Port Glesca Port Glasgow ✅ Moved from Port Glesga
Port Lethan Port Lethan
Port William Port William
Portnahaven Portnahaven
Portnockie Portnockie ✅ Moved from Portknockie
Portpatrick Portpatrick Wrang
Portsoy Portsoy
Portree Portree
Prestwick Prestwick Wrang
Purnmill Pirnmill
Quedal Quendale (Shetland)
Raasay Raasay
Rackweik Rackwick
Raffan Rathven
Rapness Rapness
Rankinstoun Rankinston
Rannoch Mair Rannoch Moor
Rattray Rattray
Oban Oban
Ochiltree Ochiltree
Ollaberry Ollaberry
Onich Onich
The Orkneys Orkney ✅ Moved from Orkney-- there are some Category and Template pages that may still need editing
Orphir Orphir
Ottersweik Otterswick
Owsnam Oxnam
Paisley Paisley
Panackie Palnackie
Rauttra Heid Rattray Head
Redlan Redland (Orkney)
Renfrew Renfrew
Renstrie Ravenstruther
Ressarty Rosehearty
Rigside Rigside
Rippath Redpath
Rivvel Ruthwell
Rivven Ruthven (near Huntly )
Rodel Rodel
Rona Rona
The Roost Sumburgh Roost
Rora Heid Rora Head
Rossay Rothesay ✅ Moved from Rothsay
Rosyth Rosyth
Rothes Rothes
Rousee Rousay
Ruglen Rutherglen
Rum Rum
Rummlinbrig Rumbling Bridge
Runess Voe Rones Voe
St Andras St Andrews (in central/wastern byleid)
St Aundraes St Andrews (in eastern byleid) ✅ Moved from St Andras
St Aundraes Bey St Andrews Bay
St John’s Toun o Dalry St John’s Town of Dalry ✅ Redirect to St John's Toun o Dalry
St Magnus Bey St Magnus Bay ✅ Moved from St Magnus Bay
St Mary’s St Mary’s (Orkney)
St Minnins St Monans ✅ Moved from St Monans
St Seeris St Cyrus
St Virgeans St Vigeans
Saachen Sauchen
Saddell Saddell
Sanchar Sanquhar
Sandee Isle of Sanday
Sandee Soond Sanday Sound
Saneyn Sandend
Sanhaven Sandhaven
Sanheid Sandhead (Galloway)
Sannick Sand Wick Bay (Shetland)
Sanweik Sandwick (Shetland)
Saulcoats Saltcoats Notable enough to have a page
Saulin Saline
Scalasaig Scalasaig
Scallowa Scalloway
Scalpay Scalpay
Scapae Scapa Flow ✅ Moved from Scapa Flow
Scaranish Scaranish
Scraibster Scrabster
Sconser Sconser
Scoun Scone ✅ Moved from Scuin
Scowrie Scowrie
Seeris Ceres ✅ Moved from Ceres, Fife
The Seidlies Sidlaw Hills
Selkirk Selkirk ✅ Moved from Selkirk, the Mairches
Sellafirth Sellafirth
Shapinsee Isle of Shapinsay
Shapinsee Soond Shapinsay Sound
Shebster Shebster
The Sherramuir Sheriffmuir
Shetland Shetland
The Sheuch North Channel
Shiel Brig Shield Brig
Shieldaig Shieldaig
Shinness Shinness
The Shoatts Shotts Notable enough to have a page
Sinclair’s Bey Sinclair’s Bay
Skaill Skaill
Skerlin Skirling
Sligachan Sligachan
The Sloch Portessie Notable enough to have a page
Smailham Smailholm
Soarn Sorn
Solway Firth Solway estuary
Soond o Barra Sound of Barra
Soond o Gigha Sound of Gigha
Soond o Harris Sound of Harris
Soond o Jura Sound of Jura
Soond o Raasay Sound of Raasay
The Sooside Southside of Glasgow
Sooth Nestin Bey South Nesting Bay
Sooth Queensferry South Queensferry Notable enough to have a page
Sooth Ronalshee South Ronaldsay
Sooth Uist South Uist
Soulum Sullom
Soulum Voe Sullom Voe estuary
Spean Brig Spean Bridge
Spey Bey Spey Bay Notable enough to have page
Springfield Springfield Disambiguation page, no scottish article yet
Spittal o Glenmuick Spittal of Glenmuick
Spittal o Glenshee Spittal of Glenshee
Staffin Staffin
Stainess Stenness
Stanehoose Stonehouse
Stanesmair Stenhousemuir
Staney Brig Stoneybridge (South Uist)
Stanley Stanley
Start Pynt Start Point (Orkney)
Steenhive Stonehaven Wrang
Stewartoun Stewarton
Stitchill Stichill
Stinson Stevenston ✅ Moved from Steenstoun
Stirlin Stirling
Stornowa Stornoway ✅ Moved from Stornawa
Stow Stow
Strabogie Strathbogie
Strachur Strachur
Straitoun Stratton
Straiven Strathaven
Stramiglie Strathmiglo
Stranrawer Stranraer
Strathdon Strathdon
Strathspey Strathspey
Strathy Strathy
Strathyre Strathyre
Strichen Strichen
Strickmertin Strathmartin
Stromeferry Stromeferry
Stronsee Stronsay
Stronsee Firth Stronsay estuary
Strontian Strontian
Strawn Strachan
Strumniz Stromness
Struy Struy
Sumburgh Heid Sumburgh Head
Sunart Sunart
Sutherland Sutherland
Swarbacks Minn Swarbacks Minn
Swintoun Swinton
Symintoun Symington ✅ Moved from Syminton, Sooth Ayrshire
Tain Tain
Tairbert Tarbert
Talisker Talisker
Tamintoul Tomintoul ✅ Moved from Tamintowl
Tarabert Tarbert (Harris)
Taranty Trinity Gask
Tarbet Tarbet
Tarbowton Tarbolton
Tarves Tarves
Taynuilt Taynuilt
Tealin Tealing
Teangue Teangue
Teiot River Teviot
Teyotheid Teviothead
Teyport Tayport ✅ Moved from Tayport
Thirsa Thurso ✅ Moved from Thursa
Thrumster Thrumster
Tibbidale Teviotdale
Tichnabruaich Tighnabruaich Notable enough to have a page
Tillicoutrie Tillicoultry ✅ Moved from Tillicoultry
Tintock Hills Tinto Hills
Tiree Tiree
Toab Toab
Tobermory Tobermory Notable enough to have page
Tomatin Tomatin
Tongue Tongue No place page exists yet, so this goes to the thing in yer mou
Torridon Torridon
Toun Yettham Town Yetholm
Tranent Tranent
Tresta Tresta
Trief Threave
The Truin Troon
Turra Turriff
Twatt Twatt Notable enough to have a page
Tweedsmair Tweedsmuir
Tyndrum Tyndrum
Waster Ross Western Ross
Waster Wharff Wester Quarff
Wasterdal Westerdale
Watten Watten
Watterside Waterside
Weems Bey Wemyss Bay Notable enough to have a page
Weik Wick ✅ Moved from Week, Caithness
Westree Westray
Westree Firth Westray estuary
Westrither Westruther
Whalsa Isle of Whalsay
Whaness Whaness
The Whaup Whauphill
Whitehaal Whitehall (Orkney)
Whitekirk Whitekirk
Whithorn Whithorn
Whitin Bey Whiting Bay
Whitsam Whitsome
Whuphoose Hopehouse
Wick o Gruitin Wick of Gruting
Wide Firth Wide estuary (Orkney)
Wigtoun Wigtown
Wigtoun Bey Wigtown Bay
Wishae Wishaw
Wormit Wormit This goes to the plant, assuming Scottish place hasn't been added yet
Yarrae Yarrow
Yell Isle of Yell
Yell Soond Yell Sound
Yetts o Muckhart Yetts of Muckhart
Yirlstane Earlston
Ythan Watter River Ythan
Uig Uig Notable enough to have a page
Ullapool Ullapool
Ulsta Ulsta (Shetland)
Ulva Ulva
Unst Unst
Uplawmair Uplawmoor ✅ Moved from Uplawmuir
Ura Firth Ura estuary
The Vale Alexandria
Vatersay Vatersay
Wanlockheid Wanlockhead
Wasbister Wasbister
Wast Burra West Burra (Shetland)
Wast Cawder West Calder (Midlothian) ✅ Moved from Wast Cauther
Wast Kilbride West Kilbride
Wast Loch Tarabert West Loch Tarbert
Wast Sannick West Sandwick
The Waster Isles The Western Isles ✅ Moved from Ooter Hebrides - now I need to move all the Categories...