Loch Ness

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Loch Ness
Wi Urquhart Castle in the foregrund
Loch Ness is located in Scotland
Loch Ness
Loch Ness
Loch Ness is located in the Unitit Kinrick
Loch Ness
Loch Ness
LocationHieland, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
Coordinates57°18′N 4°27′W / 57.300°N 4.450°W / 57.300; -4.450Coordinates: 57°18′N 4°27′W / 57.300°N 4.450°W / 57.300; -4.450
Teepfreshwatter loch, oligotrophic, dimictic[1]
Primary inflowsRiver Oich/Caledonian Canal, River Moriston, River Foyers, River Enrick, River Coiltie
Primar ootflowsRiver Ness/Caledonian Canal
Catchment area1,770 km2 (685 sq mi)
Basin kintrasScotland
Max. lenth36.2 km (22.5 mi)
Max. weenth2.7 km (1.7 mi)
56 km2 (21.8 sq mi)
Average deepth132 m (433 ft)
Max. deepth226.96 m (124.10 fathom; 744.6 ft)
7.5 km3 (1.8 cu mi)
Surface elevation15.8 m (52 ft)
Islands1 (Cherry Island)
SettlementsFort Augustus, Invermoriston, Drumnadrochit, Abriachan, Lochend; Whitebrig, Foyers, Inverfarigaig, Dores.

Loch Ness (Scots Gaelic: Loch Nis) is a mukkil an deip freshwattir loch in the Hielands o Scotland. It stents for aboot 37 kilometer (23 mile) soothwast frae Innerness. It haes a surfass aurie o 56.4 km2 (21.8 sq mi), makkin it the seicont-mukkilest Scots loch eftir Loch Lomond. Houaniver, awin til its gret deipth it is the mukkilest bi vollum. Its aiverage deipth is 132 meter (433 fit) an its deipest pynt is 230 m (755 ft)[2][3] deiper as the heicht o Lunnon's weil-kent BT Tour. It inhauds mair fresh wattir as aw the lochs in Ingland an Wales pit thegither,[3] an is the mukkilest bodie o wattir on the Gret Glen Blain, whilk rins frae Innerness in the north til Fort Wulliam in the sooth.

At its soothren end, Loch Ness is linkit til Loch Oich bi the River Oich an a bit o the Caledonian Canal. At the northren end is the Bona Narraes that apens oot intil Loch Dochfour, whilk feids the River Ness, an a forder bit o canal up til Innerness. It is ane o a series o mirkie wattirs in Scotland; its wattir veisibilitie is gey law awin til a fek o turf in the surroondin yird.

Loch Ness is best kent for the ledged sichtins o the Loch Ness Monster, eik-named "Nessie".

Steids on the shore[eedit | eedit soorce]

Steids on Loch Ness
Shores Wastren Eistren

At Drumnadrochit is "The Loch Ness Centre"[4] whilk luiks intil the naitural historie o Loch Ness. Boat cruises operate frae sindrie steids on the loch shore, giein veisitors the chance ti luik for the "Loch Ness monster". Urquhart Castil ligs on the wastren shore, 1 mile eist o Drumnadrochit.

Thar bes licht-houses at Lochend (Bona Licht-houss) an Fort Augustus.

Ilands[eedit | eedit soorce]

The anerlie iland on Loch Ness is Cherrie Iland, whilk ligs at its soothwastren end, naur Fort Augustus. It is a crannóg, whilk is a kynd o manmakkit iland.[5] Maist crannogs war biggit durin the Airn Eild.

Thar wis umwhyl a seicont iland (Dug Iland), whilk wis drount whan the wattir level wis heez'd durin the biggin o the Caledonian Canal.[5]

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