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Featurt airticle Featurt airticle

Olivia de Havilland in 1938

Olivia Mary de Havilland (born Julie 1, 1916) is a Breetish-American actress whase career spanned frae 1935 tae 1988. She appeared in fowerty-nine featur films, an wis ane o the leadin movie starns during the gowden age o Clessical Hollywood. She is best kent for her early screen performances in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) an Gone with the Wind (1939), an her later awaird-winnin performances in To Each His Own (1946), The Snake Pit (1948), an The Heiress (1949). Born in Tokyo to Inglis parents, de Havilland an her younger sister, actress Joan Fontaine, muived tae Californie in 1919. Thay war raised bi their mither Lilian, a umwhile stage actress who taught them dramatic airt, muisic, an elocution. De Havilland made her actin debut in amateur theatre in Alice in Wonderland an later appeared in a local production o Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, which led to her playin Hermia in Max Reinhardt's stage production o the same play an a movie contract wi Warner Bros.

De Havilland made her screen debut in Reinhardt's A Midsummer Night's Dream in 1935. She began her career playin demure ingénues opposite popular leadin men, includin Errol Flynn, wi whom she made aicht films. Thay became ane o Hollywood's maist popular romantic on-screen pairins. She achieved her ineetial popularity in romantic comedy films, such as The Great Garrick (1937), an in Westerns, such as Dodge City (1939). Her naitural beauty an refined actin style made her parteecularly effective in historical period dramas, such as Anthony Adverse (1936), an romantic dramas, such as Hold Back the Dawn (1941). In her later career, she wis maist successfu in drama films, such as Light in the Piazza (1962), and unglamorous roles in psychological dramas includin Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964).

As well as her film career, de Havilland continued her wirk in the theatre, appearin three times on Broadway, in Romeo and Juliet (1951), Candida (1952), an A Gift of Time (1962). She an aa worked in television, appearin in the successfu miniseries, Roots: The Next Generations (1979), an televeesion featur films, such as Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna, for which she received a Primetime Emmy Awaird. During her film career, de Havilland wan twa Academy Awairds, twa Gowden Globe Awairds, twa New York Film Critics Circle Awairds, the National Board of Review Award for Best Actress, an the Venice Film Festival Volpi Cup. For her contreibutions tae the motion pictur industry, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For her lifetime contreibution tae the arts, she received the Naitional Medal o Airts frae Preses George W. Bush, an wis appyntit a Chevalier o the Légion d'honneur bi French Preses Nicolas Sarkozy.

Efter romantic relationships wi Howard Hughes, James Stewart, an John Huston, de Havilland mairit author Marcus Goodrich, wi whom she haed a son, Benjamin. Follaein her divorce frae Goodrich in 1953, she muived tae Paris an mairit Pierre Galante, an executive eeditor for the French jurnal Paris Match, wi whom she haed a dauchter, Gisèle. In 1962 she published Every Frenchman Has One, an accoont o her life in Fraunce. De Havilland an Joan Fontaine are the anly siblings tae hae wan Academy Awairds in a lead actin category. A lifelang rivalry atween the twa resultit in an estrangement that lastit ower three decades. She haes lived in Paris syne 1956, an celebrated her 100t birthday on Julie 1, 2016.

Featurt Pictur Featurt pictur

Lake view park is a park in the banks o Rawal dam.

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Theresa May in 2015
Theresa May

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