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Featurt airticle Featurt airticle

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri (19 Apryle 1970) is a Mexican sangster. He is widely kent bi his stage name Luis Miguel. Beginnin his muisical career in his bairnheid, Luis Miguel accolades include five Grammys an fower Latin Grammys an is considered ane o the warld's best male pop vocalists. His contribution tae Latin pop muisic, alang wi his hermetic personal life, haes made him a global figur o Laitin muisic for nearly three decades. He first performit profeesionally at 11 years auld, an at the age o fifteen, Luis Miguel receivit his first Grammy for his duet "Me Gustas Tal Como Eres" wi Sheena Easton. In 1991, the RIAA recognisit his heich sales for the albums Romance an Segundo Romance. Luis Miguel is the anerly Laitin airtist tae hae twa Spainyie-leid albums (Romance an Segundo Romance) go platinum in the USA, an his album Luis Miguel achievit gowd an platinum certifications in fower kintras athin three days o its release.

Luis Miguel is kent for his heich-grossin live performances an aw. His Amarte Es Un Placer Tour lastit 8 months durin 1999–2000 an run throu 8 kintras in twa continents. The tour consistit o 105 concerts, becomin the maist extendit tour bi a Laitin airtist, an wis attendit bi approximately 1.5 million fans. It wis the heichest-grossin tour performit bi a Laitin airtist. He surpassed these records wi his Mexico En La Piel Tour o 2005–2007, amassin a total o 129 concerts, ower 1.4 millions spectators, an ower $95 million grossed.

Featurt Pictur Featurt pictur

Aicht windaes wrappit in plastic

Close leuk o aicht windaes wrappit in plastic.

Eemage: W.carter

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Duane Vermeulen in 2012
Duane Vermeulen

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