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Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, Glasgow.jpg

The GFT (Offícially: Glasgow Film Theatre; Scots: Glesga Fillum Theatre) is an independent cinema in Glesga's Ceetie Centre. The GFT is a registrate chairity. It's hoosed in a purpose-made cinema biggin, appent in 1939, an is nou bieldit as a category B leetit biggin.

GFT's predecessor, the Cosmo, wis Scotland's first airts cinema an juist the seicont purpose-made arthoose in Breetain, efter the Curzon Mayfair in Lunnon. Appent on 18 Mey 1939, it wis the last cinema tae be biggit in Glesga afore the WW2 ootbrak forby.

The Cosmo came aboot at the end o an important decade fur Scots an Breetish fillum cultur. Wi the ingang o soond in fillum, language turnt intil a barrier an faur ben fillums frae the continent stairtit tae disappear frae British screens swift-like. In Glesga, audiences fur warld cinema war sert bi The Film Society of Glasgow (Scots: Fillum Societie o Glesga). Foondit in 1929, this wis the first cultur film group in Scotland, an its growin memmership shawed a real hunger fur furran-leide fillums in the ceetie.

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