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(Reguidit frae Fermin)
A ferm in Canadae

A ferm (sumtimes cried a ‘byre’ an aw) is a bit laund uised for tae growe plaunts an/or upbring ainimals for fuid. The word is uised for mony diffrent ferms sic as airable ferms, fruit an vegtable ferms, milk ferms, swine ferms an chicken/poultry ferms, an laund uised for the makin o naitural fibre, biofuel an ither goods. It incluids the fermhoose an fermin buildins alang wae the laund. Nooadays, things incluidin wind ferms an fish ferms can be cried ferms as weel, baith o which can be on laund or at sea.

There are aboot 570 million ferms in the warld, mostly kin run. Smaw ferms wae less than 2 hectares o laund mak up aboot 12% o the warld’s fermin laund, an familie ferms mak up the ither 75%.

Ferms in developed kintras are oftentymes machine run. In the Unitit States, ainimals might be up-brought on grazing land an finished in feedin lots, an machines in airable fermin have lessent the number o fermers needit. In Europe, aulder family ferms gie wey tae mair muckle producin units. In Austrailie, some ferms are aye muckle for the laund isnae able tae uphaud ower mony ainimals frae the climate a conditions. In no as developed kintras, smaw ferms are mair often seen, an maist o the rural folk are substinance fermers, feedin theur families an sellin ony spare fuid tae the local mairket.

Fowk that growes plaunts or upbrings ainimals on a ferm is cried fermers. This type o wark is cried fermin.

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