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Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge

Wikipedia is a free content encyclopaedia, written thegither bi fowk fae across the world. The steid is a wiki, that means that onybody can edit airticles juist bi sneckin on the edit tag abuin. It rins on MediaWiki saftware.

Wikipedia is a tredmerk o the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Help: A full list o help topics is tae haund here.
Quaistens: Please speir at the Wikipedia:Mercat Cross.
Contacts: Find contact details at Wikipedia:Contact us.


Wikipedia stairtit on Januar 15t, 2001 bi the foonders Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger, an a puckle fain English-langage collaborators. Fower year efter, as o December 2004, thare wis 13,000 active contreebutors wirkin on mair nor 1,300,000 airticles in mair nor 100 leids. The day, thare's 34,637 airticles in Scots; ilka day hunders o thoosands o veesitors fae athort the warld maks tens o thoosands o edits an creates thoosands o new airticles.

Aw text in Wikipedia, an maist picturs an ither content, comes unner the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). Contreebutions bides the property o thair creators, while the GFDL license ensures the content will bide freely distreebutable an reproducible (see the copyricht notice an the disclamation for mair anent this).

Stravaigin Wikipedia

Hou tae contact project members

Staundart places tae ask quaistens adae wi policy an projects is the Mercat cross, online, an the Wikipedia mailing lists, ower email. Ye can win at ither Wikipedians ower IRC an the instant messenger.

Thare's a meta-Wikipedia an aw, a steid for coordinatin the sindry Wikipedia projects (an abstract colloguin anent policy an the airt thing's is gaun), an thare's mony differin steids for submeettin bug reports an featur requests.

See forby: Wikipedia:Contact us. lala se frat dhjs dis errrr dehehh Japanese song to remind them of the earthquake

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