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Wikipaedia wants ye! We are biggin an encyclopaedia thegither an a wiki community. Ye can chynge auld airticles an mak new anes on Wikipaedia richt nou. If ye haena awreadies daen it, ye micht wad like ti mak an accoont (see whit for).

Quaistens is walcome at the Mercat Cross, an gin ye need a haund tak a keek at the Help directory an oor policies. Learn hou tae contreibute wi the lessons (or juist daff aboot in wir saundpit).



Ower monie tae list but anes tae dae first micht be

Collaboration o the Week

Hou aboot we aw wirk on the shore page. Thare's sae monie reid merks tae be turnt blue... Whit's the shore page? A'v nou flittit it owre tae Pier...the reid merks remains...

Aboot Wikipedia

Category-based yett ti pages aboot Wikipedia

New uiser wittins

Walcome! · Lessons · Saundpit · Help · New uiser log

Aften speirt quaistens

ASQ list and Wikipedia:Whit Wikipedia isna

Weys tae communicate

Contact (owerview) · Mercat Cross · Colleaguin pages · Uiser pages · Spellin Fettle

Community wittins

Aboot Wikipedia · Aboot Wikimedia · Wikipedians ·

Ordinar weys o gaun aboot things

Fere review · Deletin a page (full policy) · Muivin a page (namin policies) · Wairdin a page (full policy) · Pittin a page back · Admeenistrator nominations

Help wi Meta-Wiki

Uiser's Guide · Table format · TeX, maths an formulae · Eemages an embeddin

Fendin an Accoont

Accoont benefits · Walin an Chyngin a uisername · Loggin in · Uiser settins · Chyngin attribution for eedits · Dichtin an Accoont

Technical ken

The MediaWiki saftware · Requests an mishanters · Brouser jottins · Uiser styles (cuistomisin yer display wi CSS) · Multimedia · Bots · SQL cowp (TomeRaider format) · Database dounlaid · Byordinar:Export (A fair size)

Writin/Reference resoorces

Policies, conventions an wycins

Owerview o policies · Neutral conceits (NPOV) · Copyricht · Editin · Style Haundbeuk (Layoot, Spellin an grammar, Namin conventions, Disambiguation, Captions) · Eemage uiss · Wikipedia:Citin Wikipedia · Defamation · Mainers an mense · Dinna be blate!

Weys tae sort tuilyies

Keep a caum souch! · Dinna bite the newcomers · Reddin tuilyies · Arbiter policy


Hou tae eedit a page · Byordinar pages · Uteelities · Basic topics · Contributin · Betterment o airticles · Wtitin a braw airticle · Soorces for airticles · Templates · Eemage leet · Tuils· Redd Up (kist o info for reddin up airticles)