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Wikipædia wants ye! We'r biggin aen encyclipædia thegather n ae wiki communitie. Ye can chynge auld airticles n cræft new yins oan Wikipædia richt nou. Gif ye haena awreadie dun it, ye micht wad lik tae cræft aen accoont (see whit fer).

Speirins is weelcome at the Mercat Cross, n gif ye need ae haund tak a keek at the Heelp directerie n oor policies. Learn hou tae contreebute wi the lessons (or jist daff aboot in oor saundpit).



Ower monie tae leet bit yins tae dae first micht be

Collaboration o the Week

Hou aboot we aw wairk oan the shore page. Thaur's sae monie reid maurks tae be turnt blue... Whit's the shore page? Ah'v nou muived it ower til Pier...the reid maurks remain..

Aneat Wikipædia

Categerie-based yett til pages aneat Wikipædia

New uiser wittins

Weelcome! · Lessons · Saundpit · Heelp · New uiser log

Aften speirt speirins

ASS leet n Whit Wikipædia isna

Waas tae communicate

Contact (luikower) · Mercat Cross · Tauk pages · Uiser pages

Communitie wittins

Aneat Wikipædia · Aneat Wikimedia · Wikipædians ·

Ordinair was o gaun aboot things

Fere luikower · Deletin ae page (ful policie) · Muivin ae page (namin policies) · Wairdin ae page (ful policie) · Pittin ae page back

Heelp wi Meta-Wiki

Uiser's Guide · Buir format · TeX, maths n formulae · Eemages n embeddin

Fendin aen Accoont

Accoont benefits · Walin n Chyngin ae uisername · Loggin in · Uiser settins · Chyngin attreebution fer eedits · Dichtin an Accoont

Techneecal ken

The MediaWiki saffware · Requests n mistaks · Brouser jottins · Uiser styles (custimisin yer displey wi CSS) · Multimedia · Bots · SQL cowp (TomeRaider format) · Database dounlaid · Byordinair:Export (Ae fair size)

Writin/Referance resoorces

Policies, conventions n wycins

Luikower o policies · Neutral conceets (NPOV) · Copiericht · Eeditin · Style Haundbuik (Layoot, Speelin n graimmer, Namin conventions, Disambiguation, Captions) · Eemage uiss · Citin Wikipædia · Defamation · Mainers n mense · Dinna be blate!

Waas tae sort tuilyies

Keep ae caum souch! · Dinna bite the newcomers · Reddin tuilyies · Airbiter policie


Hou tae eedit ae page · Byordinar pages · Uteelities · Baseec topeecs · Contreebutin · Betterment o airticles · Screevin ae braw airticle · Soorces fer airticles · Templates · Eemage leet · Tuils

Requests, annooncemantbuirds, etc.

Requests fer admeenship · Requests fer page protection · Requests fer permissions · Requestit airticles · Admeenistraters' annooncemantbuird · Featurt airticle nominations · Guid airticle nominations