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Dinna be blate

Gin yer nae blate ye'll nae be backwart in gaein forrit. A blate body is ane that's diffident. A chield that disna mak the maist o thirsels, that winna sing at a ceilidh, tho thay hae a guid enou' vyce for it, wad be blate.

Aiblins, bein blate micht mean nae bein ower bricht an aw, an alang wi that, bein telt 'dinna be blate' micht mean dinna be silly an aw. Some fowk wad say that isna a true leetarar expression o blate, but it is ane in common uiss. Houaniver, gin ye want tae ken mair aboot Scots wirds, ye can leuk up the Scots Dictionar on-line, teep in the wird ye're leukin for an gie it a wee daub an Bob's yer Auntie. In ither wirds, dinna be blate in speirin o the sicht for ony wird ye're wantin tae ken aboot.