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Walcome tae the Mercat Cross! This is the airt tae tauk aboot the technical wirkins o the Wikipedia.

Tae raise or discuss spellin o Scots wirds, an which we shuid be uisin, please gaun tae Spellin Fettle
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IMPORTANT: Admin activity review[eedit soorce]

Hello. A policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, interface administrator, etc.) was adopted by global community consensus in 2013. According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing administrators' activity on all Wikimedia Foundation wikis with no inactivity policy. To the best of our knowledge, your wiki does not have a formal process for removing "advanced rights" from inactive accounts. This means that the stewards will take care of this according to the admin activity review.

We have determined that the following users meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no logged actions for more than 2 years):

  1. Avicennasis (administrator)

These users will receive a notification soon, asking them to start a community discussion if they want to retain some or all of their rights. If the users do not respond, then their advanced rights will be removed by the stewards.

However, if you as a community would like to create your own activity review process superseding the global one, want to make another decision about these inactive rights holders, or already have a policy that we missed, then please notify the stewards on Meta-Wiki so that we know not to proceed with the rights review on your wiki. Thanks, Uncitoyen (tauk) 22:36, 19 Februar 2023 (UTC)Reply[Replie]

Fur the record, a wis hinkin anent haein an admin review fur Avicennasis, nae jist fur their inactivity bit fur the wey they got the perms (they wis gien them athoot ony formal discussion fae fit a kin tell an a'm nae ower keen on the indefinite tenure bit) an fur their ability wi the leid (siclik iss edit; log wis pit ower as caber, e'en tho caber means widden log an nae record). Jist didna get aroon ti it. Gien the lack ae action sin the wikistooshie a canna pit ony favour ahint them keepin their tuils.
(en) For the record, I was considering about having an admin review for Avicennasis, not just for their inactivity but for the way they got the perms (they were given them without any formal discussion from what I can tell and I'm not very keen on the indefinite tenure bit) and for their ability with the language (such as this edit; log was translated as caber, even though caber refers to a wooden log rather than a record). Just never got around to it. Given their lack of action since Leidgate I cannot support them keeping their tools CiphriusKane (tauk) 06:16, 20 Februar 2023 (UTC)Reply[Replie]
(en) Seems fair. Lirazelf (tauk) 11:02, 21 Februar 2023 (UTC)Reply[Replie]

Editing news 2023 #1[eedit soorce]

Read this in another languageSubscription list for this multilingual newsletter

This newsletter includes two key updates about the Editing team's work:

  1. The Editing team will finish adding new features to the Talk pages project and deploy it.
  2. They are beginning a new project, Edit check.

Talk pages project

Screenshot showing the talk page design changes that are currently available as beta features at all Wikimedia wikis. These features include information about the number of people and comments within each discussion.
Some of the upcoming changes

The Editing team is nearly finished with this first phase of the Talk pages project. Nearly all new features are available now in the Beta Feature for Discussion tools.

It will show information about how active a discussion is, such as the date of the most recent comment. There will soon be a new "Eik topic" button. You will be able to turn them off at Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing-discussion. Please tell them what you think.

Daily edit completion rate by test group: DiscussionTools (test group) and MobileFrontend overlay (control group)

An A/B test for Discussion tools on the mobile site has finished. Editors were more successful with Discussion tools. The Editing team is enabling these features for all editors on the mobile site.

New Project: Edit Check

The Editing team is beginning a project to help new editors of Wikipedia. It will help people identify some problems before they click "Publish chynges". The first tool will encourage people to add references when they add new content. Please watch that page for more information. You can join a conference call on 3 March 2023 to learn more.

Whatamidoing (WMF) (Collogue) 23:24, 22 Februar 2023 (UTC)Reply[Replie]

Your wiki will be in read only soon[eedit soorce]

Trizek (WMF) (Collogue) 21:21, 27 Februar 2023 (UTC)Reply[Replie]

Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month 2023: We are back![eedit soorce]

UCDM 2023 promo.png

Please help translate to your language

Hello, dear Wikipedians!

Wikimedia Ukraine, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Ukrainian Institute, has launched the third edition of writing challenge "Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month", which lasts from 1st until 31st March 2023. The campaign is dedicated to famous Ukrainian artists of cinema, music, literature, architecture, design and cultural phenomena of Ukraine that are now part of world heritage. We accept contribution in every language! The most active contesters will receive prizes.

We invite you to take part and help us improve the coverage of Ukrainian culture on Wikipedia in your language! Also, we plan to set up a banner to notify users of the possibility to participate in such a challenge!

ValentynNefedov (WMUA) (talk) 07:58, 1 March 2023 (UTC)

Wikimania 2023 Welcoming Program Submissions[eedit soorce]

Wikimedia Singapore Logo.svg
Do you want to host an in-person or virtual session at Wikimania 2023? Maybe a hands-on workshop, a lively discussion, a fun performance, a catchy poster, or a memorable lightning talk? Submissions are open until March 28. The event will have dedicated hybrid blocks, so virtual submissions and pre-recorded content are also welcome. If you have any questions, please join us at an upcoming conversation on March 12 or 19, or reach out by email at or on Telegram. More information on-wiki.

Mairch 2023 Writin Drive[eedit soorce]

Mairch's writin drive is gaun'ae focus again on stub airticles thit ur needin thair Scots sortit.

Thare ur 2427 article on the wiki thit are still tagged as needin thair Scots sortit, an 1613 o'aim ur stubs. Mony o thaim are juist a coople o lines lang, so we'v got a really guid opportunity here tae dae a big dent in that 2427 nummer!

Whit tae dae:

  • Sign up tae the Dashboard
  • Pick an airticle frae the list pit doun ablow
  • Sort oot the language s' thit ye're happy thit it's actual in Scots
  • Gin ye'r wantin, dae a wee bit mair clean up - dicht ony unnecessary reid airtins, eik on to the article, eik citations
  • Wanst ye'r happ wi it, dicht the box at the tap o the aiticle thit says "The 'Scots' thit wis uised in this airticle wis written bi a body that haesna a guid grip on the leid."

An 'at's it!

As we'v aye duin, we'll hiv tasks for folks thit arenae as confident wi thair written Scots an aw, an Zoom sessions durin the week for folks that'd like tae git thegither wi ither editors online for some social editin, or for ony Wiki-relatit quaitens.

Mair info here. Lirazelf (tauk) 16:59, 13 Mairch 2023 (UTC)Reply[Replie]