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Walcome tae the Mercat Cross! This is the airt tae tauk aboot the technical wirkins o the Wikipedia.

Tae raise or discuss spellin o Scots wirds, an which we shuid be uisin, please gaun tae Spellin Fettle
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Improving the translation support for Scots Wikipedia[eedit soorce]


Apologies as this message is not in your native language, Please help translate to your language.

Content translation has been successful in supporting the translation process on many Wikipedia communities, and we want to help additional wikis with potential to grow using translation as part of a new initiative.

Content translation facilitates the creation of Wikipedia articles by translating content from other languages. It has been used already to create more than half a million articles. In addition, the tool provides mechanisms to encourage the creation of good quality content, preventing the publication of lightly edited machine translations. In general, our analysis shows that the translations produced are less likely to be deleted than the articles started from scratch.
Scots Wikipedia editors have used Content translation to create more than five hundred and fifty articles. We think that there is potential to use translation to create more articles, expand existing ones, and attract new editors that learn how to make productive edits. Translation can help the community to reduce the language gap with other languages and grow the number of editors in a sustainable way. In order to achieve this goal, we want to collaborate with you to make Content translation more visible in the Scots Wikipedia and support new ways to translate.

As a first step, during the next weeks we plan to enable Content translation by default on Scots Wikipedia. That will make it easy for users to discover the tool through several entry points. However, users not interested in translation will still be able to disable it from their preferences.

Please feel free to share any comment in this conversation thread.


UOzurumba (WMF) (tauk) 13:51, 15 Juin 2021 (UTC) On behalf of the WMF Language team.

Content Translation Deployed in Scots Wikipedia[eedit soorce]

Hello everyone.

We have enabled Content translation by default on Scots Wikipedia this week. Now it is easy for users to discover the tool through several entry points. However, users not interested in translation can disable it from their preferences. We expect this will help translators to create more content of good quality in Scots. We’ll be monitoring the statistics for Scots as well as the list of articles created with the tool.

Content translation provides quality control mechanisms to prevent the abuse of machine translation, and the limits can be adjusted based on the needs of each community. Please, feel free to share your impressions about the content created and how the tool works for the community. This feedback is essential to improve the tool to support your needs better.


UOzurumba (WMF) (tauk) 13:50, 29 Juin 2021 (UTC) On behalf of the WMF Language team.

An invitation to discuss three questions regarding the Movement Charter drafting committee[eedit soorce]

Discuss questions about the Movement Charter drafting committee

Hi there! This is an invitation to discuss three questions that need answers to create the Movement Charter drafting committee:

  • What composition should the committee have in terms of movement roles, gender, regions, affiliations and other diversity factors?
  • What is the best process to select the committee members to form a competent and diverse team?
  • How much dedication is it reasonable to expect from committee members, in terms of hours per week and months of work? Should the initial members commit for the whole duration of the project or should renewals be expected?

The objective is to collect questions, opinions, ideas, points of agreement and disagreement. A first report of this conversation will be published by the end of Friday, June 25 to inform the Global Conversations on the 26-27 of June.

Find more about the questions and conversations in other languages.

I am glad to join meetings or community conversations to pose the questions and receive feedback. Please reach out if you would like me to attend any meeting or community conversation.

Best, JKoerner (WMF) (tauk) 22:37, 16 Juin 2021 (UTC)

(in Inglis) Global templates discussion[eedit soorce]

Hey folks, just to let you know that there's a discussion happening over at MetaWiki about a proposal which it's hoped will make templates easier for smaller wikis. Your input would be appreciated! Read on Meta here. Sara Thomas (WMUK) (tauk) 11:44, 24 Juin 2021 (UTC)

Editing news 2021 #2[eedit soorce]

14:14, 24 Juin 2021 (UTC)

Server switch[eedit soorce]

SGrabarczuk (WMF) 01:19, 27 Juin 2021 (UTC)