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Walcome tae the Mercat Cross! This is the airt tae tauk aboot the technical wirkins o the Wikipedia.

Tae raise or discuss spellin o Scots wirds, an which we shuid be uisin, please gaun tae Spellin Fettle
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Scots Warks - Showcase & In Conversation livestream 3rt & 4rt Septemmer 2021[eedit soorce]

Ay ay aw!

Director o The Scots Language Centre here tae tell ye aboot the completion o wir project on Adult Scots Literacy. Some o yees cam alang tae oor sessions at the Editathons ower the past year an we were aw affae gled tae meet yees.

The nicht, Friday 3rt Septemmer, we premiere wir creative stream o the Scots Warks project Scots Warks : Showcase on oor youtube channel at 7pm Scotland time. It'd be braw if ye kin mak it alang, an onie mentions on social media uise the hashtag #ScotsWarks. The 4hr Showcase is the response o a wheen o airtists tae the theme "Writin in Scots". A'm that taen aback at hou fowk hae wrate sic inspeerin warks, an A howp ye enjoy them. Efter the premiere the video'll stey up on the channel. Sae ye kin stull catch it if ye'r no able tae jyne in on the nicht.

We'll see new warks fae Susi Briggs, Michael Dempster, Iona Fyfe, Emma Grae, Sara Thomas, Gerda Stevenson, Martin Travers, Antonia Uri, Christie Williamson & Morna Young.

Efter this we'll launch the wabsteid whaur we hae aw the individual warks available in video, an in their written forms. On tap o that we're gled tae mak available, in English fir lairners, an in a Scots owersettin fae Dr Dauvit Horsbroch, oor 60 page buik o guidance fir thaim thit's new tae scrievin in Scots. This is taen fae spikkin wi yersels, an ither fowk stertin oot writin Scots, an fae the experiences o aw thaim thit taen parit in the project. We howp this'll be a braw resoorce fir aw here an hereaboots fir years tae come. Please share it aboot.

An finally, tae shut the project, on Setturday 4rt Septemmer we hae Scots Warks : In Conversation on oor YouTube channel at 7pm Scotland time. Whaur we talk tae Dr Sally Garden, L. Colin Wilson, Pauline Cairns Speitel, Michael Hance, Andy Eagle, Susan Rennie, Dr Tom Hubbard and Christy Scott aw aboot Scots an Scots literacy. There a wealth o knawledge an experience ahin thae conversations we howp tae spreid.

Tae aw yous thit we'v met ower the past year, It haes been braw! An gaun forret the Scots Language Centre wull aye be there tae support the editin community an we'll stey in touch.

An fae aw at the centre a muckle congratulation tae Wikimedian o the Year - Marco Cafolla!

As aye - the day is juist the stert!

Dr D

P.S. Here twa airticles anent the project - wire in!

Select You the question statements for candidates of Drafting Committee Movement Charter[eedit soorce]

Into 2021-10-04 11:59:59 UTC you can select question statements for the candidates of Drafting Committee Movement Charter. ✍️ Dušan Kreheľ (tauk) 02:08, 30 September 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

Am Buidheann Dubh[eedit soorce]

Am Buidheann Dubh is an interesting nationalist group in Scotland, but I noticed that it does not have an article on the Scots Wikipedia. On the English Wikipedia, the article is en:Am Buidheann Dubh. I can't write in Scots. Eastmain (tauk) 19:30, 1 October 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

Let's talk about the Desktop Improvements[eedit soorce]

Annotated Wikipedia Vector interface (logged-out).png


Have you noticed that some wikis have a different desktop interface? Are you curious about the next steps? Maybe you have questions or ideas regarding the design or technical matters?

Join an online meeting with the team working on the Desktop Improvements! It will take place on October 12th, 16:00 UTC on Zoom. It will last an hour. Click here to join.


  • Update on the recent developments
  • Sticky header - presentation of the demo version
  • Questions and answers, discussion


The meeting will not be recorded or streamed. Notes will be taken in a Google Docs file. The presentation part (first two points in the agenda) will be given in English.

We can answer questions asked in English, French, Polish, and Spanish. If you would like to ask questions in advance, add them on the talk page or send them to

Olga Vasileva (the team manager) will be hosting this meeting.

Invitation link

We hope to see you! SGrabarczuk (WMF) 15:09, 4 October 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

Voting for the election for the members for the Movement Charter drafting committee is now open[eedit soorce]

Voting for the election for the members for the Movement Charter drafting committee is now open. In total, 70 Wikimedians from around the world are running for 7 seats in these elections.

Voting is open from October 12 to October 24, 2021.

The committee will consist of 15 members in total: The online communities vote for 7 members, 6 members will be selected by the Wikimedia affiliates through a parallel process, and 2 members will be appointed by the Wikimedia Foundation. The plan is to assemble the committee by November 1, 2021.

Learn about each candidate to inform your vote in the language that you prefer: <>

Learn about the Drafting Committee: <>

We are piloting a voting advice application for this election. Click yourself through the tool and you will see which candidate is closest to you! Check at <>

Read the full announcement: <>

Go vote at SecurePoll on: <>


Movement Strategy & Governance Team, Wikimedia Foundation

Xeno (WMF) 02:25, 14 October 2021 (UTC)[Replie]