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Uiser:Sara Thomas (WMUK)

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Map of Glasgow

(sco) Ah'm Sara, and ah bide in Glesga. Ah'm maistly active on en:wiki & wikidata. Ah've been a Wikimedian in Residence fer SLIC & MGS, and wirk fer WMUK as Scotland Programme Manager. (Ah'm also at en:user:lirazelf.) Ma Scots isnae that guid, so be kind, eh?

(en) Hi, I'm Sara, and I live in Glasgow. I'm mostly active on en:wiki, wikidata, and occasionally on commons. I've been a Wikimedian in Residence for SLIC & MGS, and I'm currently the Scotland Programme Coordinator for Wikimedia UK. This is my work account for work stuff, my volunteer account is Uiser:Lirazelf. sara.thomas@wikimedia.org.uk

This memmer is pairt o The Big Wiki Rewrite an is oot tae gie a haun in sortin oot the Scots Wiki.