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Wikipedia:Protection policy

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Anyone can protect th airticle page and as orn thae or Wikipaedia policy chynges.

Types of protectition[eedit soorce]

Full protectition[eedit soorce]

An fully protacted airticle that canot be eeditit bi a page from the accept for admeenistrastors. It wis diasbled in othar airticles, ar also i for templates.

This airticle is ar also in th protectit pages:

  • It wis th same naime to eedit in admeenistrastors.
  • A page wis last eeditit on a full protectit airticles or pages. See th disscussin forum collogue to eedit uisers.

Semi-protectition[eedit soorce]

Semi-protectition paiges o eedits a tae expandin airticle in waurk vandalism in soorce eedit tauk pages. All airticles leids for editors i tauk titles.

An eedit is named bi a IP vandalism airticles, and featurt to a uiser accoont.

Move protectition[eedit soorce]

A move pretectit airticle to an admeen fully name. Moved bi a name to an eedit admeen policy.

Unprotectition[eedit soorce]

Pages ar also eeditit bi an admeen to pretectit it. On a discussin for Wikipaedia, see Special:Log/protect an Special:ProtectedPages. Admeens can bi unpretectition after th policy. View soorce pages ar also pretectit to an eedit policy pretectit pages.

Pages that wis summary to an eedit soorce button, a pretectit page to uised th View soorce button.