Help:Stairtin a new page

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A new page differs frae a blank page: the latter haes a page history. Houaniver, makkin a new page is juist like editin a blank page, but that the message that is in MediaWiki:Newarticletext kythes. That can differ frae ae project ti the ither.

New pages can be made bi follaein a link ti a missin page ("reid link") or bi editin the hindmaist bit o the URL o anither page i the same project. It is uissfu tae mak a page by follaein a link, or ti mak links tae the new page richt aifter makkin the page, for tae evyte the new page bein orphaned.

(For general editin maiters, sic as the o the wikitext, see Help:Editin.)

General precepts[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Rake ti see gif somebodie haes written a like page or no afore ye stairt ane yersel.
  • Review conventions o the project ye'r wirkin in aboot sic things as:
    • the namin; see Help:Page name an aw.
    • gif anither page is juistifee'd or no; aiblins it is better ti eik the text ti a related page (especially gin the text is nae that lang); that page can aye be spleet later, aifter it haes growen.

Stairtin a page frae an existin link, aifter makkin ane, or aifter a rake[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ti stairt a new page, ye can stairt frae a link ti the title o the new page. Anither wey is ti rake (as ye shuid hae duin afore) wi the Gang button an comin up wi nocht, sneckin "mak the airticle".

Internal links ti missin pages is maistly made afore makkin the page, an/or ti encourage ither fowk ti mak it. They aften leuk different frae links ti existin pages, dependin on yer settins: anither colour or wi a quaisten mairk (sometimes they are cried "reid links" aifter ane o the defaut settins).

Sic a link is ti the edit mode o the missin page, an allous makkin it, juist like editin a blank page.

Afore follaein the edit link, decide gif ye want ti gie the new page the name suggestit. If no, first edit the link on the referrin page.

Of coorse ye can aye mak the link yersel, in a relatit page or index page. Houaniver, it micht be better tae haud on wi makkin links till aifter makkin the new page, mair sae gin the link wad replace ane ti an existin page. In that case ye can mak the link but juist press "Shaw preview", nae "Hain page" (a previewed link wirks an aa) or juist mak the link first on yer uiser page.

Mynd that links on relatit pages isna juist convenient for navigation, but mak fowk tak tent o the new page forbye, (them that happens tae read a relatit page, but them that watches sic a page an aa).

Stairtin a page throu the URL[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pittin in the URL for a page that haesna been made will shaw a raigular page.

The page at that URL will shaw the defaut 'nae airticle' message (see MediaWiki:Noarticletext). The new page will hae the uisual edit link, that will allou oniebodie ti begin eikin content.

Sae a "broken link" frae athin or ootwi the project is, in a wey, nae raellie broken, sae lang as the first bit o it is richt.

Editin the last bit o the URL for an existin page (in the same project) is an aesie wey tae mak the URL for a new page.

An interwiki link ti a missin page gies the same result, but isna recommendit.

Ti get access til a MediaWiki project wi aa the links at the edges, but athoot superfluous laidin o onie page, ye can beukmairk a missin page.

Makking an empty page[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nou an then it is uissfu ti mak an empty page. For exemplar a template can be made in sic a wey that, dependin on a parameter, it produces aither juist a staundard text or else an addeitional text. This is duin bi haein it caa anither template, that's name is a parameter; ae version o the ither template hauds the addeitional text, the ither version is blank. See optional text.

A blank page canna be made direct; first mak an unblank page, wi juist the ae chairacter, then edit the page ti blank it.

Protectin a page frae bein creatit[eedit | eedit soorce]

It isna raellie possible ti protect a page frae bein creatit, but ye can mak a page wi a staundard text siclike in w:en:Template:Deletedpage an proteck that page. Mynd that whiles a terminology like "This page shuidna be creatit." is uised e'en tho, for the seistem, the page exists. Sae it isna richt for shawin a link ti a missin page.