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Wikipedia:Requests for adminship

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Requests for adminship (nae ti be confounded wi requests for arbitration at WP:RFAr) is a page ti nominate yersel or ithers for ti become a Wikipedia administrator. Admins hae access til a puckle technical featurs that help wi Wikipedia maintenance. Please see the readin list an wey-to guide afore appleein here.

Aboot RfA

[eedit soorce]

Administrator status is grantit ti trustie members o the commonty that's fameiliar wi Wikipedia policies. Admins dinna hae ony byordinar authority on Wikipedia, but is hauden ti heich standards, sin they are seen bi some uisers as the "offeicial face" o Wikipedia. Admins shuid be mainerlie, an shuid shaw guid juidgment an patience in dealin wi ithers. Nominees shuid hae been on Wikipedia lang eneuch for fowk ti see gif they hae thir qualities or no. Houaniver, adminship shuidna be a muckle thing. Admin actions is reversible; bein an admin is maistlins an extra responsibeility, sin there are rules an policies that juist applees til admins.

Nomination staundarts
Maist neow admins haes mair nor three month o parteecipation an mair nor 1000 edits. See the standards for adminship expectit bi some raigulars on this page. Ye can uise kate's tool ti coont a nominee's edits; mind that # of edits micht be inflated bi frequent smaa edits.

Ye dow nominate yersel.

Anonymous users canna be nominated, nor nominate ithers, nor vote. They are alloued ti comment tho.

Nomination process
Nominations stay for seiven days, for votes an comments. Bureaucrats dow at their discretion extend this whan consensus isna clair; the threshold for consensus on this page is rochlie 75-80 percent support. In extraordinar circumstances, bureaucrats micht chuise forbye ti void the walins cast an require a rewale. Thae nominations that will clairly fail micht be taen awa aerlier for ti stop collogues that causes ill will; houaniver, sin maist editors disna veisit Wikipedia ilka day, a raisonable time shuid be gien. Some uisers opposes aerlie removal under onie circumstances. Gin yer nomination is rejectit, please wait a raisonable time afore appleein ance mair (say, a month).

Sel-nominations Please review the qualifications abuin. Some editors feels that sel-nominees shoud "exceed the ordinar guidelines by guid meisur", hae an accoont name that is mony months auld an hae mnny hunders o edits (in practice onybody wi less nor 1000 edits haesna a real chance o passin). This is no tae say that sel-nominators is necessar ony less qualifee'd nor "sponsored" nominations. Maist voters can be presumed tae conseeder aw nominees on their ain merits, an there's e'en a few that leuks wi speicial favour on sel-nominations as expressin a suitable independence. A guid solit backgrund is equally important for baith kynd o nomination. Obviously unqualifee'd nominations o aither kynd micht coud be removed athoot discussion.

For tae eik your vote, edit the section for that candidate. Aw Wikipaedians wi an accoont is walcome tae vote. Lang discussions shoud be hauden in the Comments section.

Please shaw whither ye uphaud or oppose the candidate. Ye can cast a neutral vote that winna be tabulated in the final calculations an aw. Whan ye cast yer vote, please conseeder providin an expoondin, specially on oppose an neutral votes, sae the candidate or ither voters can unnerstaund an address it. In a close nomination, aw explanations an comments will be conseedered, includin thaim that's in neutral votes. Ye shoud can update the vote tot whan votin an aw.

In yer comments an responses, please be respectfu o ithers. Some dialogs micht become contentious an emotional. Mynd that we are aw fowk wi feeling, emotions an pride.

For tae nominate somebody (includin yersel)

  1. Edit this page an eik the follaein text abuin the maist recent nomination:
    {{Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/UserName}}
  2. Follae the reid airtin tae Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/UserName an eik the follaein:
    '''[{{SERVER}}{{localurl:Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/UserName|action=edit}} Vote here] (0/0/0) ending {{subst:#time:Y-m-d H:i|7 days}}'''
    {{User|USERNAME}} - Yer nomination/descreeption o the uiser --~~~~
    {{subst:Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Candidate quaistens}}
  3. Gin the nominatit uiser is on the Leet o Wikipaedians bi nummer o eedits, please update their status for tae reflect the new nomination, wi an airtin tae the nomination page.

Current nominations

[eedit soorce]

Vote here (0/2/0) endin 00:50 11 Julie 2023 (UTC) That Northern Irish Historian (collogue · contreebs) - Ah will help on fixin this wiki, wi some vandalism an whiles nonsense leid, ah am a contreebuter wha haes fixit Scots in mony airticles. Ah am aware on uisin the admin tools, like deletin na-notable pages, an blockin "vandalisers" an ither uisers breakin the rules. --That Northern Irish Historian (talk) 00:50, 5 Mairch 2019 (UTC)[Replie]

Candidate, please shaw gin ye accept the nomination here:



  1. No. (en) I don't see a need for the tools here. Expanding articles is something anyone can do. Reverting vandalism only really requires rollback which would be find to grant. Maybe in the future with more antivandalism history behind them? –MJLTauk 20:29, 3 Julie 2023 (UTC)[Replie]
  2. Oppone - A'm seen nae need fur the tuils here. There's been twa instances ae coontervandalism, nae instances ae requestin speedy deletion ae spam, nae contreibutions ti discussions. Mibbe gin a see contreibutions ti deletion discussions an potential policy chynges, mair antivandalism/antispam wirk, an less churnt oot short/unreferenced airticles lik Inter Miami, Ulster Banner an Enner Valencia then mibbe in the future CiphriusKane (tauk) 04:13, 4 Julie 2023 (UTC)[Replie]



Quaistens for the candidate
A feow generic quaistens tae gie guidance tae the voters:

1. Whit sysop chores, if ony, wad ye foresee yersel holpin wi? (Please read the page aboot administrators an the administrators' readin leet.)
Fixin the Scots in airticles, whiles revertin vandalism an makin mair airticles.
2. Amang yer ain airticles or contreibutions tae Wikipaedia, are there ony that ye'r rael prood o, an whit wey?
Ah am prood o my airticles an feel guid til add mair airticles in the Scots Wikipedia.
3. Haev ye bin in ony fechts ower editin in the past or div ye feel that ither uisers hae caused ye pain? Whit haev ye duin aboot it and whit will ye dae aboot it in the future?
Ah hae nae bin in fechts or gottin mah feelins hurts bi ony Wikipædian.

Quaisten fae CiphriusKane

1. Fae fit a kin see, ye'v nae actual deen ony actual antivandalism or jynt in ony discussions. Fit need dae ye hae fur the tuils? CiphriusKane (tauk) 18:55, 3 Julie 2023 (UTC)[Replie]
Whit anent the Frog airticle? Ah did revert it the "Middle Inglis" vandalism That Northern Irish Historian (tauk) 20:01, 3 Julie 2023 (UTC)[Replie]
Sae there's been twa uises ae the undae tuil. Aat still disna answer fit need ye hae fur the tuils CiphriusKane (tauk) 04:13, 4 Julie 2023 (UTC)[Replie]
2. Twa ae the airticles ye makit, Patrick Ferry an Scooter Lowry, wis pit up fur AfD on enwiki short afore ye makit thaim here. Baith ae the enwiki airticles wis makit bi yersel as weel. Fit wye did ye dae iss? CiphriusKane (tauk) 18:55, 3 Julie 2023 (UTC)[Replie]
My POV afore, it haes bin some wee months syne an thay haev chyned. Alsae, Scooter Lowry AfD endit on 1 Mey, while the Scots airticle wis wrtiten on 3 Mey. Ither than that a will delete airticles siclik the Ferry ane. That Northern Irish Historian (tauk) 20:03, 3 Julie 2023 (UTC)[Replie]
3. Een ae the issues facin the wiki the noo is the prevalence ae law quality churnt oot airticles wi little text an neist ti mae soorcin. Fit wid ye intend ti dae ti help solve iss problem? CiphriusKane (tauk) 18:55, 3 Julie 2023 (UTC)[Replie]
ah will expand these airticles sae thay canna be wee an stairt makin thaim langer. That Northern Irish Historian (tauk) 20:04, 3 Julie 2023 (UTC)[Replie]

Requests for bureaucratship

[eedit soorce]

Bureaucrats are admeinistrators wi the extra pouer ti mak ither fowk admins or bureaucrats, based on community deceisions raxed here. Thay can chynge the uiser name o onie ither uiser an aa. The process for bureaucrats is seimlar ti that for adminship abuin, but is maistlins jist bi request. The expectation for bureaucratship is heicher nor for adminship, in terms o nummers o votes, abeility til engage voters an candidates, an signeificant disqualifications.

Bureaucrats are expected tae determine consensus in sweir cases an ti be ready tae justifee thair decisions. Walin sections an bylerplate quaistens for candidates can be insertit uisin {{subst:Wikipedia:Requests for bureaucratship/Candidate quaistens}}.

Please eik neow requests at the tap o this section juist ablo (an please update the headers whan walin)

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