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(en) Hello, my name is MJL!

Before I start, it probably is worth reading my other user pages to get the best sense of my history here.

Generally, I like to contribute to a variety of Wikimedia projects which has thus far included English Wikisource, Scots Wikipedia, as well as several others. While I do not currently speak many languages, I have dabbled in more than a few in order to help improve some non-English projects. Results so far have been mixed on that front, but that can be expected.

I find contributing to Wikimedia projects extremely meaningful personally, and I enjoy every minute spent here! I have been trying to promote this proposal to create an additional WMF project known as WikiLaw. I was also selected to serve on the 2019 English Wikinews Elections Committee. I used to run the bi-monthly newsletter for Wikisource called Wikisource:News, but I would still encourage everyone to subscribe. I am also an administrator on Scots Wikipedia and have assisted the clean-up efforts there. I likely was best known for my contributions to English Wikipedia before that, though.

For the most part, I try to make people's experiences here pleasant and lovely. As far as content is concerned, I am mostly interested in Connecticut-related topics, but I also like government, public policy, and history. Offline I am a politician, but this account has nothing to do with that.

I really love helping people learn about wikis, but I also like learning about cool and interesting subjects myself. I am pretty much a WikiOtter, so you should always expect me to not be afraid to stand-up to a bully. I can get pretty frustrated if I perceive a new user being treated poorly.

If you ever want to talk to someone about your experiences on any project, I am always open and try to be understanding. Ping me or write on any of my talk pages for more information. I try to be available when I can. Hopefully, you will see me around!

Thank you all! :D

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