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Wikipedia:Dinna bite the newcomers

Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge

Wikipedia daesna juist get better throu the steive work o the mair dedicated members, but throu the aften nameless contreibutions o monie cuirious newcomers. Ilkane o us wis a newcomer aince, e'en thae chiels that haes been carefu or sonsie eneuch ti hae evyted common mistaks, an monie o us conseiders oorsels newcomers yet aifter months (or years) o contreibuting.

New contreibutors is prospective "members" an are thus oor most valable resoorce. We maun trait newcomers wi kindness an patience — aiblins naething frichts valuable contreibutors awa faister nor hosteelity or elitism. Atho monie newcomers hit the grund rinnin, some wants wittins on the wey we dae things.

Please dinna bite the newcomers[eedit soorce]

  • Understaund that newcomers is baith needit bi an o value ti the commonty. Bi empouerin newcomers, we better the reenge o knawledge, opeinions an ideals on Wikipaedia, betterin its value an preservin its neutrality an integrity as a resoorce.
  • Mind, oor slogan - an oor invite ti the newcomer - is dinna be blate - Be bauld. We hae a set o rules an standards an tradeetions, but they mauna be applee'd in sic a wey as ti thwart thae newcomers that taks that invite at face value. It is richt likelie for a newcomer ti this steid ti bring a walth o experience frae ither venues, thegether wi conceits an creative virr that, current rules an staundarts or no, micht weel better oor commonty an oor end product. It micht be that the rules an staundarts wants revisin or expandin; some o the things that the newcomer seems ti be daein "wrang" at first micht turn oot to mak Wikipedia better in the lang rin. Watch for a while an, gin it's necessar, speir whit the newcomer is aboot afore sayin that it's "wrang" or "substandard".
  • Gin ye dae jalouse, or raellie believe, that a newcomer haes daen something wrang, sic as forgettin ti pit teitles in bauldface, or nae makkin uisefu airtins, try tae richt the mishanter yersel. Dinna dunt the newcomer; mind, this is a place whaur oniebodie can edit an, in a verra rael wey, that maks it the responsibility o ilka bodie til edit, nae ti creiticise or supervise ithers.
  • Gin ye raellie feel that ye maun sey oniething at aa til a newcomer aboot a mishanter, dae it in a speirit o bein helpfu. Stairt bi introducin yersel wi a walcome on their collogue page ti lat them ken that they are walcome here, an screive yer corrections wi a caum souch an as the contreibutor's peer, aiblins pyntin oot things forbye that they've duin that ye *like*. Gin ye canna dae that, it is better ti sey naething.
  • Ither newcomers micht be sweirt ti mak chynges, especially muckle anes, sic as NPOV-in an flittin, acause o fear at skaithin Wikipaedia (or o affrontin ither Wikipaedians, or o bein flamed). Teach them ti be bauld, an daena be fashed bi thair "timorousness".
  • Whan giein rede ti newcomers, tone doun the rhetoric juist a few notches e'en frae the ordinar douce discoorse that dominates Wikipedia. Mak the newcomer feel honestly walcome, nae as tho they maun win yer approval in order ti be grantit membership intil an exclusive club. Onie new domain o concentratit, speicial-purpose human activity haes its ain speicialised stricturs an structurs, that taks time ti lairn, an that micht benefit frae periodic re-examination an reveision.
  • Assume guid faith on the pairt o the newcomer. They maist likely are aifter holpin oot. Gie them a chance!
  • Mind Hanlon's Razor. Behavior that seems maleecious ti langtime Wikipaedians is mair likelie doun til iggerance o oor expectations an rules. E'en gin ye're 100% siccar that a bodie is a wirthless, orra, scum-soukin Internet trowe, vandal, or waur, conduct yersel gin they're no. Bi bein caum, interestit, an respeckfu, yer deignity is upliftit, an ye further oor project.
  • Mind that ye wis aince a newcomer yersel. Trait ithers as (or gin it can be duin, better nor) ye wad like ti be trait gin ye had juist come ti Wikipaedia yersel.