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Spellin[eedit soorce]

Here at Wikipaedia it's recommendit that fowk uises 'traditional' pan-dialect spellins, anes that hae a guid history o uiss. Awtho this isna sae strict as in English we ettle tae come up wi writin that's easy tae read an can be soondit oot bi readers in thair ain dialect.

Ae thing tae mynd is that maist modren Scots writers disna uise the apologetic apostrophe onymair. Mairower, ettle tae evite uisin slang wirds in encyclopedic airticles.

O coorse maist awbody haesna been teached siclike at the schuil but wi practice it shoudna be ower difficult. Whan resoorces is aboot that expoonds on whit 'traditional' spellins is an hou tae applee thaim in a consistent mainer.

We ettle tae follae the wey set oot bi the Report an Recommends o the Scots Spellin Comatee, itherwice kent as the RRSSC.

Fowk that wants tae contribute but disna hae a awfu guid understaundin o Scots can eik the {{fixscots}} template or the {{Translation}} template.

Ither guides tae spellin:

Grammar[eedit soorce]

Scots isna juist English written wi orra wirds an spellins. It haes its ain grammar an aw. If aw ye dae is tak an English text an chynge the spellins an swap a puckle wirds it'll juist be Scotched English an no Scots.

Dictionars[eedit soorce]

Exemples[eedit soorce]

For a guid exemplar o modren Scots spellin an grammar, read William Lorimer's New Testament in Scots (Canongate Classics, Edinburgh 2001. ISBN 1841951447).

A guid exemplar o contemporar Scots writin online can be fund in Scots Tung Wittins.

A guid walin o traditional Scots leeterar can be fund at ScotsText.

For a guid examplar o whit no tae dae see this meaninless, menseless mince wi heich seembolic vailyie that's o nae uiss whitsomeiver for Scots-speakin fowk or this.

Raisons for this policy[eedit soorce]

The main raison is for tae dae awa wi argiements ower the richt spellins o wirds. That wastes time better spent writin new text for airticles. Tae settle on the ae wey o spellin we needit to wale a staundart. Mony staundarts haes been proponed ower the years an we hae taen the hindmaist ane, the RRSSC, sin it is the hindmaist.

The RRSSC haes been pitten thegither by fowk that kens the wark they're daein for the maist pairt. It's nae perfect an there's a twa-three pynts that ae body or anither disna like. Houaniver gin Scots prose is tae gang onywey in Scots eddication, prose writers maun rally roond ae staundart. Maist o the fowk writin for the Scots Wikipaedie haes chuisen tae rally roond this ane till a better ane comes alang.

Twa ither policies micht hae been waled but they baith hiv waur fauts than the RRSSC.

"Oniething gaes" haes been tried on the English Wikipedia whaur American/English spellins are baith alloued. It leads tae pyntless argiement in the lang rin (an mibbies e'en in the short rin). Forby it micht lead tae accusations o bias taewart ae dialect or anither at some pynt. Anither pynt is that we maun hae uniform spellin gin we want tae be a richt encyclopedie.

"A seestem o wir ain" is ower muckle wark. Oor aim is tae write an encyclopedie an that's a muckle job in its ain richt. The RRSSC haes awready duin a deal o wark on spellin an there's little need for us tae dae the wark ower again. It's better that we juist uise whit they'v duin. Oor aim shoud be tae mak a wheen o encyclopedie airticles wi as little distraction as we dow -- nae tae mak yet anither Scots spellin seestem.

That said, there's nae doot that fowk winna write the RRSSC wey whan they contribute. It's nae easy whan ye daena ken it. Nane o us wis taucht Scots spellin, sae we canna be expectit tae get it richt. We shoud tak text spelt onywey athoot compleenin or rushin tae fix it richt awa. Houaniver awbody shoud mynd that we aim tae correct spellins tae the RRSSC staundard suiner or later.

Collogue[eedit soorce]

For tae quaisten or mak pynts aboot the maiters abuin uise the Collogue page (Ye can sneck the collogue tag abuin an aw).

Guidance anent mair general maiters can be fund bi gaun throu the Commonty Yett.

Technical maiters is dealt wi at the Mercat Cross. Speirins on spelling is dealt wi at the Spellin Fettle.

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