Scotched English

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Scotched English is (for ordinar) Staundart Inglis that's been buskit for tae mak it leuk lik Scots. This can come aboot in twa-three weys.

It micht juist coud be an affcome o the fact that maist native Scots-speakers haes anerly iver been teached hou tae write English an that gars thaim stap thair ain Scots intae the haud an bind o Staundart Inglis grammar an eediom.

The fowk ''scrievin'' isna native Scots-speakers. Whan ''scrievin'' thay're thinkin in Inglis an juist chynge the lexemes an spellins o the Inglis model in thair heids. Anither form o this is whaur an Inglis screed is taen as a foond an the selsame chyngin o lexemes an spellins is duin wi't.

Aften wirds is howkit fae dictionars an uised oot o context or fowk clecks idiosyncratic lexemes, eedioms, morphological elements or syntactic structurs that's taen fae or foondit on Inglis an isna a pairt o Scots, syne uisin thaim whaur Scots wad hae an exeestin authentic hamelt mak o its ain. That for ordinar comes aboot acause o the want o ken o Scots on the pairt o the scriever.

It whiles comes aboot acause the Scots dialect o the writer is awfu Englifee'd onywey.