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Slang is the byordinar uiss o wirds in the leid o a parteecular social group, an whiles the cleckin o new wirds or the inbringin o wirds frae anither leid. It is a kin o neologism. Slang can be descrieved as deviatin awa frae the ordinar uiss o a leid. Slang functions in twa weys; the cleckin o new langage an new uisses throu a process o creative informal uiss an adaptation, an the cleckin o a saicret leid that's juist unnerstuid bi them athin the group that's mynt tae unnerstaund it.

Frae this, slang is a kin o sociolect ettlin tae exclude certain fowk frae cawin the crack. Slang firstlins functions as encreeption, sae that the nane-initiate canna lift the meanin, or as a further wey tae communicate wi them that unnerstaunds it. Slang functions as a wey tae recogneeze members o the selsame group, an tae sinder that group frae the society aboot it. Slang terms is aften parteecular tae a certain subculture, sic as muisicianers, skatebuirders, an drog uisers. Slang for ordinar implees playfu, informal speak. Slang is hauden apairt frae jargon, the technical vocabular o a parteecular profession, as jargon is (in theory) no uised tae exclude fowk ootwi the group members frae the conversation, but raither deals wi the technical peculiarities o a gien field that requires a speicialized vocabular.

Functions an oreegins o slang[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ae uiss o slang is a semple wey o evytin social taboos. The ordinar uiss o a leid for ordinar evytes expleecitly evokin certain realities. Slang, an the informal forms o language an aw, allous a body tae talk aboot thir realities in a speicial language redd o the ordinar connotations in the ordinar register. Slang vocabulars is parteecularly rich in certain domains, sic as sexuality, veeolence, crime, an drogs.

There isna juist ae slang, but mony mony varieties—or dialects—o slang. Sindry social groups in different times haes brocht on their ain slang. The importance o encreeption an identity varies amang the sindry slangs.

Slang maun aye renew its process o expression, an in parteecular its vocabular, sae that them that's no a pairt o the group will aye no can lift the slang. The exeestence o slang dictionars, o coorse, scomfishes the effectiveness o certain wirds. Mony slang terms passes intae informal ordinar speak, an syne whiles intae ordinar formal speak.

Oreeginally, certain slang designatit the speak o fowk inrowed in the creeminal unnerwarld, hooligans, bandits, creeminals, etc. Therefore, their vocabular cairiet awfu vulgar connotations, an was strictly rejectit b speakers o "richt" langage. Ither groups brocht on their ain slangs. For ordinar, groups on the mairgins o ordinar society that wis excludit or rejectit bi it.

Examples o slang[eedit | eedit soorce]

Historical examples o slang is the thiefs' cant uised bi gaberlunzies an the unnerwarld. In aforegane centuries: a nummer o cantin dictionars wis setten furth.

Fisherfowk slang for taboo wirds[eedit | eedit soorce]

the man wi the white collar for the meenister

guffies, grumphies, grunters or curly tails for pigs

bonnyhoose for kirk

ragger for a knife

langlugs for a hare

cauld airn chiel for a ratton

Mair at Fisherfowk taboo wirds.

Glesgae Rhymin Slang[eedit | eedit soorce]

Barry White for shite

corned beef for deif

Bob Hope for dope

Bress Monkey for junkie

Frankie Vaughn's for haunds

Hampden Roar for score

Juke o Montrose for a dose

Maucom Frazer for razor

Wine grape for Pape

Winners an losers for troosers

Mair at Glesgae Rhymin Slang.

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