Dictionar o the Scots Leid

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The Dictionar o the Scots Leid (DSL) is an onwab Scots-Inglis dictionar, rin bi Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd, a charity an limitit company. The dictionar is freely available on the wab an comprises the twa leadin dictionars o the Scots leid:

DOST contains information aboot Aulder Scots wirds in uise frae the 12t tae the end o the 17t yearhunners (Early an Middle Scots); an SND contains information anent Scots wirds in uise frae 1700 tae the 1970s (Modren Scots). Thegither thon 22 volumes gie a comprehensive history of Scots. The SND Bibliography an the DOST Register o Titles hae been digitised an aw, an can be sairched in the same wey as the main data files. A new supplement, compilit bi Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd, wis addit in 2005.

The digitisation project, that ran frae Februar 2001 tae Januar 2004, wis based at the University o Dundee, wi some financial additional support frae the Scottish Executive, the Arts and Humanities Research Board, Scottish Language Dictionaries Ltd, the Russell Trust, an the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland. The project wis directit bi Victor Skretkowicz an editit bi Susan Rennie.

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