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The apologetic apostrophe is the name gien tae a wey o writin Scots for tae mak the seimilarities atween Scots an Inglis gey appearent. It is the uiss o an apostrophe (') for tae shaw letters wantin frae Scots wirds but's aye tae the fore in Inglis, for tae gie the impression that Scots is nocht but orra Inglis.

Aften thae wirds haes nivver haed thir letters "wantin". Ae exemplar in this seestem, is the wird taen; it wad be spelt ta'en (frae Inglis taken); but the wird wis spelt tane in the 14t century, sae the apostrophe here coud be caa'd specious.

Robert Burns, altho a Scot his ain sel, wis the maist weel-kent uiser o the apologetic apostrophe, but its uiss bydes in written Scots the day.

Exemplars[eedit | eedit soorce]

RRSSC Apologetic apostrophe Inglis
gien gi'en given
mak mak' make
o o' of
fitbaa fitba' football
aabodie a'body In thir cases the'r nae direct Inglis marrae—the Inglis word is everybody—but the aa in aabodie is cognate wi Inglis all, sae is spelt wi apologetic a'.

Legeetimate uiss o the apostrophe in Scots[eedit | eedit soorce]

Antrin wirds in Scots haes a cutty form an a lang form; for ordinar an apostrophe is uised for tae shaw the wantin letters in the cutty form. Some exemplars:

Cutty Lang
e'en even
e'er iver
eneu' eneuch
lea' leave
ne'er nivver
ne'er's day new year's day
nor'land northland

The'r an apostrophe forby in the bygane mak o wirds endin wi ee for tae evyte haein three eee's in a wird: dee > dee'd, gree > gree'd etc.

Apostrophes is for ordinar uised in Scots the selsame wey as in Inglis an aa, in the rinnin thegither o twa wirds sic as A'm, the'r, it's an sae on.