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Wikipedia:Collogue page

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There's twa kynd o collogue pages, them that's uised for tae collogue anent an airticle, a template, a category, etc., an the uiser collogue pages that's uised for tae collogue wi ither uisers or for tae lea' them a jottin. Ilka page haes its ain collogue page binna pages in the Special: namespace. Gin there's niver been ony text on a collogue page, the airtin tae the collogue page frae the airticle, category, etc., will be reid. Ye can aye collogue anent the page — ye will juist be the first body tae edit thon collogue page.

Airticle collogue pages is for tae deal wi the content o airticles sic as gien reliable soorces that heas been setten furth, prent is aye best. They shoudna be uised by editors as a saipbox or poupit for threapin anent their ain conceits an views.

Gaun tae a collogue page[eedit soorce]

For tae gang tae a collogue page hae a leuk for a tag or airtin cried collogue. Thir tags or airtins will be fund at aither the tap o the page or on the left haund side (near tae edit this page). Uisers wi the Clessic skin will see "collogue" insteid.

The name o a staundart collogue page is "Talk:" follaed bi the airticle's teetle. For example, the collogue page o the airticle Saip is Talk:Saip. For a page name wi a prefix, "talk" is eikit tae the prefix afore the colon. For example, the collogue page o the uiser page User:JockTamson is User talk:JockTamson. That page is in the Wikipedia: namespace, sae the collogue page for that page is Wikipedia talk:Talk page. The Main Page is in the main namespace (acause it haes nae prefix), sae its collogue page is juist Talk:Main Page.

Frae a staundart collogue page you can win tae the airticle it deals wi page by uisin the tag cried "airticle" neist the tag "collogue". For pages in ither namespaces, there's anither tag; for example, "user page" for the User: namespace, and "project page" for the Wikipedia: namespace.

Ye hae new messages[eedit soorce]

Gin ye hae a registert accoont, efter a body eedits your uiser collogue page, the wairnin "Ye hae new messages (last chynge)" kythes automatic on aw pages ye sneck on till ye sneck on yer uiser collogue page.

Uisin collogue pages[eedit soorce]

Ye shoud sign an date yer contreebutions on aw collogue pages by typin fower tildes: (~~~~) that will gie something like: JockTamson 19:36, 10 Januar 2006 (UTC).

On a collogue page, "this page" for ordinar refers tae the main page (i.e. the page the collogue page is associate wi). Gin the collogue page itsel is referred tae, write "this collogue page".

Whan chowin ower the name of the page or mergin it with anither page, aye mention the current page name. Ithergates efter renamin (flittin) a page, references tae "this page name" becomes ambeeguous.

The "Post a comment" featur (the wee "+" sign on its ain wee tag, at the tap o a collogue page) allous ye tae stairt a new section athoot needin tae eedit the hale page. The section heider becomes the eedit summary at the time ye hain the page, sae there's nae eedit summary shawn whan ye uise this featur.

The practice o postin seemilar messages tae mair nor a puckle uisers' collogue pages, for example for tae wheedle certain actions, is fund awfu uggsome.

Whiles, collogue pages for wikipaedia airticles will hae ane or mair templates pitten at the tap o the page wi guidance for eeditin the page. Templates o this naitur is for ordinar for the benefit o new uisers or ISP eeditors (anons) that micht be unfameeliar wi collogue page guideance, an aften kythes alanerly on airticles that's aither unner a guid bit creeticism acause o their content (abortion) or airticles whaur the subject maiter is new or growin due tae recent events (upcomin sportin events, ongaun wather an gemme relatit airticles, recent deid fowk, etc).

Mair recent, mony Wikipaedians haes begoud tae pit seemilar templates on their ain collogue pages wi guidance for postin messages an their repone policies. Shoud ye come ower sicna template mak siccar tae read whit's bein pitten ower afore postin a message sae ye will ken whaur tae leuk for a repone.