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Want tae speir anent ocht? Mak a jottin ablo. Aiblins a body will gie repone.

Q: Fit dialect is this thing gonna be in. I've seen weegie, doric and some affy strange mixes in amongst, and there nea a scots dictionary that can agree ona spellin, far di ah stairt?

A: Hiya. It's no an easy question, eh. We're tryin tae uise, likes, a "staundart" style, ane that aabody can unnerstaun. Ah ken it's no easy, specially fir Doric speakers, an Doric's mibbes the strangest dialect o Scots, and mibbes the maist different. Bit gin ye can uise "wh" steid o "f", ye'll nae go faur wrang. Bazza 14:42, 15 Juin 2008 (UTC)[Replie]