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Different plaunts that are eaten.
Different kynds o meat.

Fuid is material that comes frae ainimals or plaunts, eaten by leevin things tae provide energy an nutreetion. Fuid conteens the nutreetion that fowk need tae be healthy. Fowk need tae eat protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, an minerals tae be healthy. Liquids uised for energy an nutrition are aften cried "drinks".

Fuid for bodies is maistly made throu fermin or gairdenin, an includes ainimal an vegetable springheids. Some fowk refuse tae eat fuid frae ainimal origin, like meat, eggs an products wi milk in thaim. No eatin meat is cried vegetarianism. No eatin or uisin ony ainimal products is cried veganism.

Basic fuids consumed by humans
Plaunt springheid Animal springheid