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ISO 639 Icon sco.svg The "Scots" that wis uised in this airticle wis written by a body that's mither tongue isna Scots. Gin ye can, please sort it.

Climate use tae stats o temperature, humidity, assmosferic pressur, wind, rainfall, assmosferic partcle count an oter meatorlogical kin o wather for ordinar hapens in an airt at different times o the year. Climate kontrast tae wather, the now conditon o same element n ther varatons oer times tae two waek.

The climate o a place is afected bi it latude, terroain, n altude, wahta bods n ther curents. Climates be klasifed bi the averge n the usal rages o difernt varies,liken: temperatur n wind, lichtnin, storms, hurricanes, tornados, rain, hail, an snaw.