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Watter in three states: liquid watter, solit watter is ice an cloods is condensed watter vapour.

Watter (or wattir) is a common chemical substance that is needit bi aw kent furms o life.[1] Forordnar, watter refers anerlie til its liquid furm or state, but the substance haes a solit state, ice, an a gaseous state, watter vapour an aw. Aboot 1,460 teratonnes (Tt) o watter haps 71% o the Yird's surface, maistlie in oceans an ither mukkil watter bodies, wi 1.6% o watter ablo the grund in aquifers an 0.001% in the lift as vapour, cloods (shapit o solit an liquid watter pairtikils suspendit in the lift), an preceepitation.[2] Sum o the Yird's watter is inheld in man-makkit an naitural objeks naur the Yirds's surface sicas watter touers, ainimal an plaunt bodies, manufactured products, an hain'd fuid.

Sautwatter oceans hauds 97% o surface watter, glaciers an polar ice kaips hauds 2.4%, an ither laund surface watter sic as rivers an lochs hauds 0.6%.

Watter is the chemical substance wi the chemical formula H2O: ae molecule o watter haes twa hydrogen atoms covalentlie bondit til the ae oxygen atom.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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