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Hydrogen is the least wechtie atom in the universe, wi the atomic nummer o 1. It haes the seembol H, an a atomic wecht o 1.007 94 u. Hydrogen is aften lik tae burn an gin it burns in air, it jynes wi oxygen tae mak watter.

Hydrogen gas (H2) wis first made bi human haunds in the 16t century frae the kirnin o metals wi strang acids. In 1766-1781, Henry Cavendish wis the first ane ti ken that hydrogen gas is a discreet thing. Yin o the ideas for replacin motor fuel is tae uise hydrogen insteid, sin fuel maks orra gasses whan it burns, but hydrogen juist maks watter. Acause o this, we caw the element hydrogen, that beirs "watter-shaper" in Greek.

Tho hydrogen is the maist common atom in the universe, makin aboot 75% o the universe's maess. Maist hydrogen is grippit in starns, sae bodies canna get uise o it.