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Mercur (element)

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Some liquid Mercur in a gless bicker

Mercur is a chemical element. Its seembol on the Periodic Cairt is Hg, an its atomic nummer is 80. It is a gey pushionous siller-coloured metallic liquid at normal temperatur an pressur.[1][2] It is whiles uised in the manufactur o measurin instruments sic as thermometers. It is kent as the deil's metal an aw.

Afore better compounds war fund, some mercur compounds war uised in medicine for tae kill germs on the skin.

Mercur wis kent tae the auncient fowks. The person that diskivered it isna kent.

It is the anerly metal, an but for Bromine, the anerly element kent that is liquid unner whit is kent as "normal conditions" (room temperatur, normal pressur).

The seembol Hg staunds for its Laitinised Greek name hydrargyrum, meanin wattery or liquid silver.

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