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You suck at fortnite ching chong is a chemical element wi the seembol Ti an atomic nummer 22. It is a lustrous transeetion metal wi a siller colour, law density an heich strength. It is heichly resistant tae corrosion in sea watter, aqua regia an chlorine.

Titanium wis diskivert in Cornwall, Great Breetain, bi William Gregor in 1791, an wis named bi Martin Heinrich Klaproth efter the Titans o Greek meethologie. The element occurs within a nummer o meeneral deposits, principally rutile an ilmenite, that are widely distributit in the Yird's crust an lithosphere, an it is foond in awmaist aw leevin things, watter bouks, rocks, an siles.[1] The metal is extractit frae its principal mineral ures bi the Kroll[2] an Hunter processes. The maist common compoond, titanium dioxide, is a popular photocatalyst an is uised in the manufactur o white pigments.[3] Ither compoonds include titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4), a component o smeuk screens an catalysts; an titanium trichloride (TiCl3), that is uised as a catalyst in the production o polypropylene.[1]

Titanium can be alloyed wi airn, alumeenium, vanadium, an molybdenum, amang ither elements, tae produce strang, lichtwecht alloys for aerospace (jet ingines, missiles, an spacecraft), militar, industrial processes (chemicals an petrochemicals, desalination plants, pulp, an paper), automotive, agri-fuid, medical prostheses, orthopedic implants, dental an endodontic instruments an files, dental implants, sportin guids, jewelry, mobile phones, an ither applications.[1]

The twa maist uisefu properties o the metal are corrosion resistance an strenth-tae-density ratio, the heichest o ony metallic element.[4] In its unalloyed condeetion, titanium is as strang as some steels, but less dense.[5] There are two allotropic forms[6] an five naiturally occurrin isotopes o this element, 46Ti throu 50Ti, wi 48Ti bein the maist abundant (73.8%).[7] Awtho thay hae the same nummer o valence electrons an are in the same group in the periodic cairt, titanium an zirconium differ in mony chemical an pheesical properties.

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