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The lanthanide /ˈlænθənd/ or lanthanoid /ˈlænθənɔɪd/ series o chemical elements[1] comprises the fifteen metallic chemical elements wi atomic nummers 57 through 71, frae lanthanum through lutetium.[2][3][4] These fifteen lanthanide elements, alang wi the chemically seemilar elements scandium an yttrium, are eften collectively kent as the rare yird elements.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The current IUPAC recommendation is that the name lanthanoid be uised rather than lanthanide, as the suffix "-ide" is preferred for negative ions whauras the suffix "-oid" indicates similarity tae ane o the members o the containin faimily o elements. However, lanthanide is still favored in maist (~90%) scientific airticles an is currently adoptit on Wikipedia. In the aulder leeteratur, the name "lanthanon" wis eften uised.
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