Kinrick o Great Breetain

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The Banner o Great Breetain
The Kinrick o Great Breetain aff the coast o Europe

The Kinrick o Great Breetain, (kent as the Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain,[1] forby) wis a state in Wastren Europe, that existed frae 1707 tae 1800. It wis shapit by the jynin o the Kinrick o Scotland an the Kinrick o Ingland, unner the Acts o Union 1707, tae mak ae kinrick athort the hail o the island o Great Breetain. Ae new pairlament an govrenment, seetuatit in Westminster in Lunnon, controlled the new kinrick. The twa unthirlt kinricks o Scotland an Ingland haed shared the ae same monarch sin James VI, Keeng o Scots, becam Keeng o Ingland in 1603 follaein the daith o Queen Elizabeth I.

The Kinrick o Great Breetain wis follaed by the Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Ireland in 1801 whan the Kinrick o Ireland wis absorbed wi the enactment o the Act o Union 1800 follaein the suppression o the Irish Rebellion o 1798.

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