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Anne, Queen o Great Breetain

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(Reguidit frae Anne o Great Breetain)
Portrait bi Michael Dahl, 1705
Queen o Ingland, Scotland an Ireland (mair...)
Ring8 Mairch 1702 – 1 Mey 1707
Coronation23 Aprile 1702
PredecessorWilliam III & II
Queen Great Breetain an Ireland (mair...)
Ring1 Mey 1707 – 1 August 1714
SuccessorGeorge I
Born6 Februar 1665(1665-02-06)
St James's Palace, Lunnon
Dee'd1 August 1714(1714-08-01) (aged 49)
Kensington Palace, Lunnon
Buirial24 August 1714
Westminster Abbey, Lunnon
SpousePrince George o Denmark
IssuePrince William, Duke o Gloucester
HooseHoose o Stuart
FaitherJames II & VII
MitherAnne Hyde
SeegnaturAnne's signature

Anne o Great Breetain (6 Februar 1665 - 1 August 1714) became Queen o Ingland, Scotland, an Ireland on 8 Mairch 1702. On 1 Mey 1707, whan Ingland an Scotland jyned intae the ane kinrick, Anne became the first sovereign o the Kinrick o Great Breetain.

Anne wis born in the ring o her uncle Charles II, that haed na legitimate childer. Her faither, James, wis sicweys heir presumptive tae the throne. His suspected Roman Catholicism wis unpopular in Ingland, an on Charles's instructions Anne an her elder sister, Mary, war raised as Anglicans. Three years efter he succeedit Charles, James wis deponed in the Glorious Revolution o 1688. Anne's sister an Dutch Protestant brither-in-law an cuisin William III o Orange becam jynt monarchs. Awtho the sisters haed been close, disagreements ower Anne's finances, status an chyce o acquaintances arose shortly efter Mary's accession an thay becam estranged. William an Mary haed na childer. Efter Mary's daith in 1694, William ringed alane till his awn daith in 1702, whan Anne succeedit him.

In her reign, Anne favoured moderate Tory politeecians, that war mair likely tae share her Anglican releegious views nor thair opponents, the Whigs. The Whigs grew mair pouerfu in the coorse o the War o the Spaingie Succession, till 1710 whan Anne dismissed mony o them frae office. Her close friendship wi Sarah Churchill, Duchess o Marlborough, turned soor as the result o poleetical differences. The Duchess teuk revenge in an unflatterin description o the Queen in her memoirs, that wis widely acceptit bi historians till Anne wis re-assessed in the late 20t century.

Anne wis plagued bi ill heal ootthrou her life, an she grew increasinly lame an obese frae her thirties. Despite seiventeen pregnancies bi her husband, Prince George o Denmark, she dee'd withoot survivin issue an wis the last monarch o the Hoose o Stuart. Unner the Act of Settlement 1701, that excludit aw Catholics, she wis succeedit bi her seicont cuisin George I o the Hoose o Hanover, that's maternal grandmither, Elizabeth Stuart, Queen o Bohemie, wis a dauchter o James VI an I.