Elizabeth Stuart, Queen o Bohemie

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Elizabeth Stuart
Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia from NPG.jpg
Elizabeth as Electress Palatine
Electress consort Palatine
Tenur 14 Februar 1613 – 23 Februar 1623
Coronation 17 Juin 1613
Queen consort o Bohemie
Tenur 4 November 1619 – 8 November 1620
Coronation 7 November 1619
Born 19 August 1596
Falkland Palace, Fife
Dee'd 13 Februar 1662(1662-02-13) (aged 65)
Lunnon, Ingland
Buirial 17 Februar 1662
Wastmeenster Abbey, Lunnon
Spouse Frederick V, Elector Palatine
Hoose Stuart
Faither James VI an I
Mither Anne o Denmark

Elizabeth Stuart (19 August 1596 – 13 Februar 1662) wis Electress o the Palatinate an briefly Queen o Bohemie as the wife o Frederick V o the Palatinate. Due tae her husband’s ring in Bohemie lastin for juist ane winter, Elizabeth is eften referred tae as The Winter Queen.

Elizabeth wis the seicont bairn an eldest dauchter o James VI an I, Keeng o Scotland, Ingland, an Ireland, an his wife, Anne o Denmark. If the Gunpouder plot haed succeedit then she wad hae been Queen in 1605.