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A nun is the female equeevalent o a monk in the Catholic Kirk. Maist nuns bides in a Nunnery or an Abbey.

Nuns introdution[eedit | eedit soorce]

In general, whan a wumman enters a convent she first unnergangs an initial period o life-test for a period frae sax month tae a year. Gif she, an the ordair, determine that she micht hae a vocation tae the life, she receives the uisual-tak o the ordair (uisually wi som modification tae distinguish her frae professit nuns) an unnertaks the novitiate, a period (that lests ane tae twa year) o livin the life o a nun withoot yet takkin hechts. Apon completion o this period she mey tak her initial, temporar hechts. Temporar hechts lest ane tae thrie years, teepically, an will be professed for nae less nor three year an nae mair nor sax. Finally, she will petition tae mak her "perpetual profession", takkin permanent, solemn vows.