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- Tot
- % Wattir
Rankit 13t
1,325 km²
? %
Heidsteid Glenrothes
ISO 3166-2 GB-FIF
ONS code 00QR
- Tot (2005)
- Densitie
Rankit 3rd
276 / km²

Fife (Scots Gaelic: Fìobh) is ane o the 32 cooncil auries o Scotland. It ligs atwein the Firth o Tay an the Firth o Forth. It is a tradeitional coontie o Scotland, an a lieutenancie aurie tae.

Fife wis ane o the Pectish kingriks an is aye kent as the Kingrik o Fife. Fife maistlyk taks its name frae Fib or Fif, a 7t centurie Pectish king. He wis ane o the seivin sons o Cruithne, a warrior king that ruled ower a wyd aurie o auncient Scotland.

Frae 1975 til 1996 Fife wis sindert intil thrie destriks: Dunfaurlin, Kirkcaldy, an North-Eist Fife. Sin 1996 the wark o thae destrik cooncils haes been cairrit oot bi Fife Cooncil.

Touns an veilages[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cupar tuik ower as coontie toun frae The Crail in the aerlie 13t centurie. Glenrothes haes been the heidtoun sin 1975. Fife's thrie mukkil touns ar – Kirkcaldy, Dunfaurlin an Glenrothes. Gaun bi the 2006 estimate, Kirkcaldy is the mukkilest, wi aboot 48,108 indwallers.[1] The mukkilest sattilment bi aurie is Glenrothes. The next mukkil touns b population ar St Andras, Dawgety Bay, Rosyth, Methil an Coudenbaith. The lave o Fife is made up o smawer touns sic as Inverkeithin, Kincairdine, Ainster, Lochgelly, Bruntisland, Leevin, Neeburgh, Tayport an Cupar an veilages sic as Kinglassie, Kinghorn, Elie, Auchtertool, Crossgates an Bingry.

Referenses[eedit | eedit soorce]

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