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Top: Toun skylyn, Top Left: Dunfaurlin Hie Streit, Bottom Left: Andrew Carnegie Houss, Richt: Dunfaurlin Ceitie Chaumers, Bottom: Italian Gairdin, Pittencrieff Pairk

Dunfaurlin (Inglis: Dunfermline, Scots Gaelic: Dùn Phàrlain) is a city an umwhyl ryal burgh in Fife, Scotland. Eik-named "The Aul Grey Toun", it byds on heich grun 3 mile frae the shore o the Firth o Forth, nor'wast o Edinburgh. The toun is the historic caipital o Scotland an Robert the Bruce is buirit in Dunfaurlin Abbey. The toun is split frae north til sooth bi Pittencrieff Pairk at wha's fit flowes the Lyne Burn. Sum 39,229 fowk byd in Dunfaurlin.[1]

Dunfaurlin is naur the aetym naval base an dockyaird o Rosyth. The mukkil industries o Dunfaurlin an roon aboot is ingineerin, electronics, defenss an textyls. But thae haes drappit aff ower the laist few yeir. Employment in the toun haes begoud ti diversifee ti serviss sector employment an mukkil employers in Dunfaurlin nou ar sic as HBOS (Halifax Bank o Scotland) an BSkyB.[2]

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Coordinates: 56°04′17″N 3°27′42″W / 56.0714°N 3.4617°W / 56.0714; -3.4617