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A view across Rosyth from Kings Road Roundabout

Rosyth (Scots Gaelic: Ros Saidhe or Ros Fiobha) is a smaw toun atween Dunfermline an Inverkeithin in Fife. The name o the toun is Gaelic, and micht mean Pynt o Hey, mibbies referring tae Castleland Hill near the banks o the Forth. There is a fifteent century castle at uised tae staun on an inch in the Forth but is nou surroondit bi industrial biggins. The ruin't auld Pairish Kirk o Rosyth stauns tae tae the Eastlin side o Limekilns clachan.

The modren toun begoud whan the Navy Dockyaird wis biggit on reclaimit laund on the River Forth aboot 1909.

The Dockyaird wis bocht by Babcocks in 1987 but yet whiles wirks on Navy ships. Forby the yaird there's wark in Banks an ither offices an mony fowk gaes tae wark in ither pairts sic as Edinburgh an Dunfermline.

Frae its stairt the toun wis tae be a gairden ceety. It haes nou mair nor twal thoosand fowk, fower schuils, five kirks, an a smaw hie gate wi a wheen o shaps an banks, doctors, dentists an the like. New hooses is yet bein biggit.

Coordinates: 56°02′02″N 3°25′56″W / 56.03388°N 3.43226°W / 56.03388; -3.43226