Dumfries an Gallowa

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Coordinates: 55°06′N 3°54′W / 55.1°N 3.9°W / 55.1; -3.9

Dumfries an Gallowa
Dumfries and Galloway
Dùn Phris is Gall-Ghaidhealaibh
Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland.svg
Admin HQDumfries
 • BodiDumfries an Gallowa Cooncil
 • ControlSNP + Lab (cooncil NOC)
 • MPs
 • MSPs
 • Total6,426 km2 (2,481 sq mi)
Area rankRanked 3rd
 (mid-2016 est.)
 • Total149,500
 • RankRankit 13th
 • Density23/km2 (60/sq mi)
ONS codeS12000006
ISO 3166 codeGB-DGY

Dumfries an Gallowa (Inglis: Dumfries and Galloway; Scots Gaelic: Dùn Phrìs is Gall-Ghaidhealaibh is ane o the 32 cooncil areas o Scotland.

History an geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dumfries an Gallowa wis ane o the nine admeenistrative regions o mainland Scotland made in 1975 bi the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1973. The regions o Scotland wis abolisht bi the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 an Dumfries an Gallowa becam ane o the new cooncil areas in 1996.

Dumfries an Gallowa is made up o a wheen o sindry areas an umwhile coonties.

Divisions o Dumfries an Gallowa
Cooncil area Region Auld Coonty Cooncil Comatee Area Local Areas
Dumfries and Gallowa Dumfriesshire Annandale & Eskdale Annandale
Gallowa Kirkcoubrieshire  
Wigtoun Cree Valley (east o River Cree)
Wigtounshire Cree Valley (wast o River Cree)
Rhins o Gallowa

The name Dumfries an Gallowa his been uised syne at least the 19t century - bi 1911 the three coontys hid a shirradom unner that name. Dumfries an Gallowa kivers maist o the wastren area o the Soothren Uplands an inhauds Scotland's maist soothren pynt, at the Mull o Gallowa.

Til the north, the cooncil borders Sooth Ayrshire, East Ayrshire an Sooth Lanrikshire; in the east the Mairches; an til the sooth the coonty o Cumbria in Ingland. It lies til the north o the Solway Firth an til the east o the Erse Sie.

Places o Dumfries an Galloway[eedit | eedit soorce]

Main sattlements is in bauld.

Touns an Sma Touns
Placename (Inglis name if sindry) Descrivin Nummer o Fowk Comatee Area Auld Coonty
Annan Toun 8780[1] Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Carlinwark (Castle Douglas) Sma toun 4080[2] Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Dabaittie (Dalbeattie) Sma toun 4200[3] Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Dumfries Toun 34030[4] Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Gretna Sma toun 3040[5] Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Kirkcoubrie (Kirkcudbright) Sma toun 3420[6] Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Langham (Langholm) Sma toun 2160[7] Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Lochmaben Sma toun 2200[8] Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Lockerbie Sma toun 4240[9] Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Muffat (Moffat) Sma toun 2510[10] Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Newtoun Stewart (Newton Stewart) Sma toun 4080[11] Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Sanchar (Sanquhar) Sma toun 1980[12] Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Stranrawer (Stranraer) Toun 10320[13] Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Wee Touns
Placename (Inglis name if sindry) Nummer o Fowk Comatee Area Auld Coonty
Eaglesfield 660[14] Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Eastriggs 1810[15] Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Ecclefechan 880[16] Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Ferrytoun o Cree (Creetown) 640[17] Wigtoun Kirkcoubrieshire
Gaithoose o Fleet (Gatehouse of Fleet)) 970[18] Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Glenluice (Glenluce) 590[19] Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Minnyhive (Moniaive) 510[20] Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
New Gallowa (New Galloway) 340[21] Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Portpaitrick (Portpatrick) 640[22] Wigtoun Wigtounshire
St John's Toun o Dalry (St John’s Town of Dalry) 600[23] Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Thornhill 1660[24] Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Whithorn 780[25] Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Wigtoun (Wigtown) 870[26] Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Placename (Inglis name if sindry) Comatee Area Auld Coonty
Amisfield Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Auchencairn Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Auldgirth Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Beattock Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Brydekirk Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Canobie (Canonbie) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Cargenbrig(Cargenbridge) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Castle Kennedy Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Crossmickle (Crossmichael) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Drummore Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Dunragit Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Garliestoun(Garlieston) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Isle o Whithorn Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Kelloholm Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Kirkcoam(Kirkcolm) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Kirkconnel Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Kirkcowan Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Kirkpaitrick Durham (Kirpatrick Durham) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Kirkpaitrick Fleemin (Kirkpatrick Fleming) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Leswalt Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Locharbriggs Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Minnigaff Wigtoun Kirkcoubrieshire
New Aibey Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
New Luice (New Luce) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Nine Mile Bar (Crocketford) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Panackie (Palnackie) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Penpont Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Port William Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Sanheid (Sandhead) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Scaur (Kippford) Stewartry Dumfriesshire
Springholm Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Staneykirk (Stoneykirk) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
The Cairn (Cairnryan) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
The Hauch (Haugh of Urr) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
The Lochans (Lochans) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Torthorwald Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Twynham (Twynholm) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Wanlockheid (Wanlockhead) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Placename (Inglis name if sindry) Comatee Area Auld Coonty
Ae Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Aiplegarthtoun (Applegarthtown) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Anwoth Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Ardwell Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Auchenmalg Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Balmaclellan Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Balmaghie Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Barburgh Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Bargrennan Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Beeswing Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Bentpaith (Bentpath) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Blaidnoch(Bladnoch) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Boreland Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Borgue Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Brig o Dee (Bridge of Dee) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Brow (Brow) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Browhouses Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Cairngaan Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Carronbrig (Carronbridge) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Carsphairn Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Clarencefield Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Closeburn Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Collin Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Colvend Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Corsock Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Cummertrees Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Dalswintoun (Dalswinton) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Dalton Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Dornock Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Drumlanrig Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Duncol (Duncow) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Dunscore Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Dusdeer (Durisdeer) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Elrig Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Enterkinfuit (Enterkinfoot) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Eskdalmair (Eskdalemuir) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Gaitlawbrig (Gatelawbridge) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Glencaple Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Glenlochar Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Gretna Green Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Halywuid (Holywood) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Hoddam (Hoddom) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Johnsfield Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Johnstounbrig (Johnstonbridge) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Keir Mill Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Kirkbean Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Kirkinner Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Kirkmaiden Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Kirtlebrig (Kirtlebridge) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Menreith (Monreith) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Middleshaw Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Millhoosebrig (Millhousebridge) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Minnock (Mennock) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Mochrum Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Moosal (Mouswald) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Newbie Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Newtoun Wamfrey (Newton Wamphray) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Pairkgait (Parkgate) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Parton Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Peningham (Penninghame) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Port Logan Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Rhonehouse Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Ringfuird (Ringford) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Rivvel (Ruthwell) Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Rockcliffe Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Rowanburn Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Satterness (Southerness) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Sorbie Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Templand Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Terregles Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
The Aibbey (Dundrennan) Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
The Whaup (Whauphill) Wigtoun Wigtounshire
Tongland Stewartry Kirkcoubrieshire
Tynron Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Tynwald (Tinwald) Nibsdale Dumfriesshire
Unthank Annandale & Eskdale Dumfriesshire
Places o interest
Steid Auld Coonty Whit wey
Caerlaverock Castle Dumfriesshire Ruins o 13t century castle.[27]
Cardoness Castle Kirkcoubrieshire
Castle o St John Wigtounshire 16t century castle in Stranrawer toon centre.[28]
Cream o Gallowa Kirkcoubrieshire
Corsewall Lichthouse Wigtounshire
Drumlanrig Castle Dumfriesshire
Gallowa Forest Pairk Kirkcoubrieshire & Wigtounshire
Glenluice Abbey Wigtounshire Ruins o 11t century Aibbey.[29]
Isle o Whithorn Castle Wigtounshire
Kenmure Castle Kirkcoubrieshire
Loch Ken Kirkcoubrieshire
MacLellan's Castle, Kirkcoubrie Kirkcoubrieshire
Mull o Gallowa Wigtounshire Soothest airt o Scotland.[30]
Motte o Urr Kirkcoubrieshire
Ruthwell Cross Dumfriesshire
Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery Dumfriesshire
Soothren Upland Wey Aw
Sweethert Aibey Kirkcoubrieshire
Threave Castle Kirkcoubrieshire
WWT Caerlaverock - a reserve o the Wildfowl an Wetlands Trust Dumfriesshire

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