Loch Ken

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Loch Ken
Anglers at Loch Ken
LocationDumfries an Gallowa
Coordinates55°00′32″N 4°03′22″W / 55.009°N 4.056°W / 55.009; -4.056Coordinates: 55°00′32″N 4°03′22″W / 55.009°N 4.056°W / 55.009; -4.056
Teepfreshwater loch, reservoir
Primary inflowsWatter o Ken, River Dee, Polharrow Burn
Basin kintrasScotland
Max. lenth9 mile
SettlementsGlenlochar, Lauriston, Mossdale, Crossmichel, Parton
Offeecial nameLoch Ken & River Dee Marshes
Designatit31 August 1992

Loch Ken is 9-mile lang freshwatter loch in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland.

Veilages aroond Loch Ken include Glenlochar at at the sooth, Laurieston an Mossdale oan the wast side o the loch, Crossmichel an Parton oan the east. The toun o New Gallowa lies yin mile tae the north. The parish kirk o Balmaghie is bi the loch oposit Crossmichel.

Kenmure Castle, New Galloway, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.jpg

At the northern end o the loch stauns Kenmure Castle. [1]

John Murray wis gamekeeper tae the Gordons at Kenmure Castle an is remembered fur huvin caught in the loch the lairgest ged oan record, the heid o whilk restet oan his shooder, wi the tail trailing oan the grun. It weight seventy-two poonds, an it maisured aboot seven feet in length. The skeleton o the heid wis fur mony years preserved oan display in the billiard room at Kenmure whaur it was studied an maisured by Charles Tate Regan ichthyologist, o the Natural History Museum in Lunnon. Murray died in 1777 and is buryt at Kells Churchyaird ; oan his tombstone ur carved in relief a gun, fishin-rod, dug an a partridge. [2]

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