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Glenlochar Barrage at the end o Loch Ken

Glenlochar (Scots Gaelic: Gleann Lochair) is a clachan on the wastren bank o the River Dee in the pairish o Balmaghie in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. Glenlochar is locatit 1.5 mile sooth o Balmaghie Kirk an 3 mile north o Castle Douglas.


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Etymological speakin, Glenlochar micht be conntectit til the auncient name Loukopibia,[1] an dervied fae the Brittonic -luch- "slumpie watter o sautie watter" (Welsh: llwch, Scots Gaelic: loch),[1] or lǖch "bricht, shinin",[1] wi the adjectival suffix -ar.[1] The first pairt o the name is aither Brittonic glïnn- (Welsh glynn) or Scots Gaelic gleann,[1] baith o thaim meanin "a glen" (English: a valley).[1]


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The buirit remeens o a lairge Roman fort exist on the eastren bank o the River Dee, anent Glenlochar. The fort wis built in the year 81 AD (CE) bi the Governor Gnaeus Julius Agricola an parrockit an aurie aboot 7 acre.[2] Aibey Yaird is the local name for the aurie conteenin the fort remeens; this reflects the wrang identification on Ordnance Survey maps afore the 1940s as the site o an aibey.[3]

Durin Warld War II Glenlochar wis the site o a trainin camp for the biggin o Bailey brigs. The concrete leck steids o the camp is veesible yet. An unflistit bomb shell wis fund at the site and an controlt flist wis conductit in 2002.


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Glenlochar haes a smaw community haw that uised tae be the local schuil.

The Glenlochar Barrage on the River Dee is a pairt o the Galloway hydro-electric power scheme.[4]

Glenlochar HooseCoordinates: 54°57′32″N 3°58′59″W / 54.959°N 3.983°W / 54.959; -3.983 is a late 18t/19t century Georgian hoose wi its principal facade leukin ower the River Dee.


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