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Balmaghie Kirk

Balmaghie (/bælməˈɡ/ bal-mə-GEE),[1], fae the Scots Gaelic Baile Mac Aoidh, is an ecclesiastical an ceevil pairish in the historical coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire (the Stewartrie) in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland, an wis the seat o the McGhee familie. It is maircht bi the River Dee tae the noorth an east. Threave Castle staunds on an island in the river. The River Dee is kent common as The Black Watter o Dee on the northren mairch, the name chainges wi the meetin o the Watter o Ken tae the northwast, an is kent as Loch Ken alang the eastlin mairch. Balmaghie pairish mairches Girthon tae the wast, an Tongland an Twynholm tae the sooth. The nearest mercat toon is Carlinwark (Castle Douglas) that is aboot 6 mile (10 km) fae Balmaghie Kirk.

The ecclesiastical pairish kivers the same area as the ceevil pairish an the twa is nae conseedert tae be different.

Balmaghie pairish is main landwart an conteens jist a haundfu o wee settlements: Laurieston, Brig o Dee, and Glenlochar, as weel as a nummer o ferms an hooses scaitert aboot the pairish. Fermin is the maist industry o the area, hooivver there is a muckle area o commercial forestation operatit bi the Forestry Commission tae the wast o Laurieston. Tourists an locals veesit the area tae watch wild birds at the RSPB Nature Reserve at Duchrae, the Ken-Dee Marshes.[2] A nummer o gleds hae been reintroduced tae the area an can be seen near Laurieston at the Bellymack feedin station.[3]

The 2008 horror pictur Outpost an its 2012 sequel Outpost:Black Sun wis filmt on the Balmaghie estate.[1]

The 2018 meestery novelle The Shadow of the Black Earl bi Charles E McGarry is set in a fictional version o Laurieston Hall an the surroondin area.[4]

Balmaghie Kirk[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ecclesiastical focus o Balmaghie wis Balmaghie Kirk,[5] until its shew-up in 2015. Plans tae sell the kirk for hoosin wis resile’t efter braid protests an it his noo been takken ower bi the Balmaghie Sacred Landscape Trust, an the biggin will be pit tae community uiss.[6]

The kirk wis biggit in 1794 an is set on a wee hillock in Balmaghie owerleukin Loch Ken, forenent Crossmichel Kirk on the faur baunk. Remodelin was duin bi Peddie an Kinnear in 1891-4. The tour wis reduce’t an reruift in 1893 bi William Davidson.

The Rev H M B Reid wis minister here fur twenty years, frae 1893 til 1903, afore becoming Professor o Divinity at the University o Glesca. He wrote mony wirks oan religious subjects.

The Balmaghie War Memorial wis designt bi the sculptor Alexander Carrick in Cullaloe stane an unveilt in 1920.  

Heidstanes at Balmaghie Kirkyaird

Estates[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Balmaghie, hoose o 1874-80 bi John Burnet an John James Burnet, noo reduce’t in size
  • Hensol or Duchrae, hoose o 1820’s an designt bi Robert Lugar
  • Laurieston Hall, a big hoose biggit in the 17th century wi addeetions in 1893 bi airchitect Sydney Mitchell
  • Livingston House, mid 18th century laird’s hoose
  • Netherhall, seetuatit on the River Dee, hame of the Ross familie.
  • Slogarie, hoose o 1866 bi Peddie an Kinnear, remodelt efter a fire bi Antony Curtiss Wolffe in the 1960s

Fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Rear Admiral James Murray Gordon (1782-1850) o Balmaghie House, buirit in his preevat chaipel-mausoleum on the estate.[7]
  • Samuel Rutherford Crockett, 1859-1914, novellist o Scottish historical fiction. He wis born at Duchrae Farm, Balmaghie, on 24 September 1859, the luve-bairn son o dairy-maid Annie Crocket. Some o his warks are set in the surroondin area. He dee’d in Tarascon in Fraunce on 16 Aprile 1914. His remeens wis buirit in the familie graff in his hame kirkyard at Balmaghie. A memorial tae him wis erectit in Laurieston bi public subscription.
  • Margaret McNaughton (1856-1915) wis a Scottish-Canadian author an historian. Hir accoont o hir guidman’s experiences traivelin endlang Canadae tae the Cariboo gowdfields wis the saicont non-fiction buik publisht bi a wumman in Breetish Columbie. Margaret Peebles wis born in 1856 tae Thomas Peebles an his guidwife Jane Mackenzie Murie in Balmaghie; she gaed tae Breetish Columbie in 1888, and mairriet Montreal-born Archibald McNaughton. She dee’d in 1915.
  • Admiral Sir Nigel Henderson (1909-1993) an his guidwife Catherine Maitland, bide’t at Hensol House, the former hame of the Cuninghame familie, and the Marchioness o Ailsa.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae (1872-1919) wrate “In Flanders Field”, dee’d o pneumonie near the end o the Great War. His paurents fermt at Laurieston an emigrated tae Canadae.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Walter Hugh Malcolm Ross, GCVO, OBE, GCStJ, (born 1943) is a member o the Ryal Hoosehaud. Appyntit Lord-Lieutenant o the Stewartrie in 2006 an resignt in 2018. Bides at Netherhall.

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