Samuel Rutherford Crockett

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Samuel Rutherford Crockett, Scottish novellist (1860 - 1914)

Samuel Rutherford Crockett (24 September 1859

16 Aprile 1914) wis a Scots novellist, born at LIttle Duchrae, Galloway, grandson o Galloway tenant fermer William Crocket.

He wis brocht up on a Galloway ferm, won the Gallowa Bursary tae Edinburgh Varsity in 1876 an, efter studies an some years o traivel abroad as a private tutor, graduated fre New College in 1886. He became meenister o Penicuik in November 1886. Earlier that year he produced his first publication, Dulce Cor (Laitin: Sweet Heart), a collection o verse.

He resigned the Free Kirk ministry in 1895 for novelle-writin.

The sonse o J.M. Barrie an the Kailyard schuil o writin haed creatit a demand for stories in Scots whan Crockett furthsetit his sonsefu stories o The Stickit Minister in 1893. It wis follaet bi near 70 popular novelles, half o them featurin the history o Scotland and his native Galloway. The ithers sat aroon Europe.

Warks[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The Raiders, The Lilac Sun-bonnet an Mad Sir Uchtred (1894)
  • The Men of the Moss Hags (1895)
  • Cleg Kelly an The Grey Man (1896)
  • The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion (1897)
  • The Red Axe (1898)
  • Kit Kennedy (1899)
  • Joan of the Sword Hand an Little Anna Mark (1900)
  • Flower o' the Corn (1902)
  • Red Cap Tales (1904)