Rev. Professor H. M. B. Reid

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Rev. Professor H. M. B. Reid (1856-1927)

Henry Martyn Beckwith Reid (1856-1927) wis born in Glesga. The faimily movit tae Dundee when his faither became the prison chaplain to H M Prison there. He was educatit at Dundee High Schule and the University o St Andrews. He wis licensed in 1879 and wis assistant minister in Anderston Parish Kirk and then at Glesga Cathedral. He was ordaint minister in 1883, o Balmaghie Parish, Kirkcoubrieshire in Gallowa , a post he held for twenty years. [1] In 1903 he wis appointit tae the Chair o Divinity at the University o Glesga. [2]

"The Kirk Above Dee Water", Balmaghie Kirk, c. 1880s

His publisht wirks include -

"About Galloway Folk,"

"The Kirk above Dee Water", [3]

"Lost Habits of the Religious Life,"

"Books that help the Religious Life,"

"A Cameronian Apostle".

"The Kirk Above Dee Water ", 1895

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