Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

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Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Conservation charity
Foondit 1889 (1889)
Heidquarters The Lodge, Sandy,
Bedfordshire, Ingland

Dunedin House,
25 Ravelston Terrace,
Edinburgh, Scotland
Aurie served
Unitit Kinrick
Key fowk
Steve Ormerod
Kate Humble
Dr Mike Clarke
(Chief Executive)[1]
Revenue Increase £88.28 million GBP (2006)[1]
Increase £69.7 million GBP (2006)[1]
Decrease £3.68 million GBP (2006)[1]
Nummer o employees
1,545 paid staff[1]
12,750 volunteers[1]

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a charitable organisation registered in Ingland an Wales[3] an in Scotland.[4] It wirks tae promote conservation an pertection o birds an the wider environment through public awareness campaigns, peteetions an through the operation o naitur reserves throughoot the Unitit Kinrick.[5]

The RSPB haes 2,000 employees, 17,600 volunteers an mair than 1 million members (includin 150,000 youth members), makin it the lairgest wildlife conservation charity in Europe.[6] The RSPB haes mony local groups an maintains 200 naitur reserves.[7]

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