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The Welsh leid (Welsh: Cymraeg) is a Celtic leid frae Wales. It is pairt o the Brythonic brainch o Celtic leids. It is maist sib wi Cornish an Breton. It is aiblins spak by as mony as 20% o the indwallers o Wales.

The touns and clanchans whaur maist o the fowk spiks Welsh is i the wast, and thai are cried bi some the Bro Gymraeg. The leid is still tynin grund here, akis thir airts is some o the bonniest pairts o the kintra and there mair and mair incummers frae Ingland that forordnar disna lern the leid.

S4C is the Welsh leid TV chainel that's braidcast in Wales as the fowert chainel, insteid o the Chainel 4 seen in Scotland, an it's braidcast throu SKY TV as S4C digidol (digital S4C). The deegital version haes mair Welsh programmes nor the analogue S4C.

Fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Some o the mair weel kent speakers o Welsh is John Hartson, Gary Speed, an Imogen an Glynn frae Big Brother. It made a muckle steuchie in Big Brother whan Glynn an Imogen wis telt aff for speakin their mither tung on the shaw.