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Breton leid

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The Breton Leid (Brezhoneg) is a leid spak in the peninsula o Breetany in the nor-wast o Fraunce. It is a Celtic leid an is sib tae Cornish an Welsh. The leid wis brocht tae this airt o Fraunce, cried "Armorica" at thon time, durin the Anglo-Saxon invasions o Breetain durin the fowert year hunder. At thon time, monie Celtic fowk fae the soo-wast o the island (the airt nou kent bi maist fowk as the "wast kintra") wis fleein tae the continent acause the Anglo-Saxons wis owerhailin their laund. Thir fowk wis the forebears o the Breton fowk an their kynd o Brythonic leid wis whit growed intae the Breton leid. It wis the leid o the nobility o Brittany til the 12t century, bit syne the French leid haes becam mair dominant in Brittany. The poseetion o the French govrenment the noo is agin the Breton leid, houaniver it is aye spak bi aboot 500,000 fowk in the wastren hauf o the peninsula. Anither leid, cried "Gallo" is spak in eastren Brittany. It is a Romance leid, no o a Celtic leid, an is sib tae French.