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Romance leids

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Romance leids o Europe

The Romance Leids is a brainch o the Indo-European faimilie o leids that cam frae the Laitin leid, in parteecular frae the byleid kent as "Vulgar Laitin" that wis spak by settlers an sodgers frae Rome that settlt in monie differ Roman provinces. Efter the fall o the Roman Empire the byleids o Latin that hae growed in thir provinces startit tae chynge intae differ leids. The five muckle maist Romance leids the nou are French, Spaingie, Portuguese, Italian an Romanie. Altho the leids oreeginatit in sooth-wastren Europe there are monie spaekers in the Americaes (North Americae an Sooth Americae) an Africae the nou maistlie acause o Spanyie an tae a lesser stent French an Portuguese colonialism.