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Ladino is an Iberian Romance leids descendit frae Auld Castillian. The leid cam aboot aifter the first King an Queen o Spain, Ferdinand an Isabel, declared that Jewish fowk cuid nae langer bide in the lands o the new unitit kinrick o Spain. Thon wis cryed the Alhambra decree o 31 March 31, 1492. Fowk that wis Jewish an haed been bidin in Iberia an spaekin leids descendit frae the Laitin lang syne wis gart tae fin new kintras tae bide in. The folk that flitted frae Spain had taen new hames aw ower north Africa an south-east Europe, whaur thair kin bade, spaekin the leid, for generations.

Ladino haes a wheen o wirds frae the Hebreu leid the nou —- an frae the French, Greek, an Turkish leids forbye —- but the mucklemaist pairt o the wirds is taen frae Auld Castillian. Monie sounds that hae vainisht in Modern Castillian is aye uised in Ladino, juist like in Auld Castillian.

100,000 folk in Israel say thay ken the wey tae spaek Ladino. Thare's 8,000 spaekers forbye in Turkey, 1,000 in Greece, 300 in the Unitit States, an 150 in Bosnie an Herzegovinae.

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