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State of Israel
מדינת ישראל (Medinat Jisra'el)
Banner o Israel
Emblem o Israel
Banner Emblem
Naitional motto: nane
Locaition o Israel
Location o Israel
Offeecial leid Ebreu, Arabic
Caipital Jerusalem
Lairgest ceety Jerusalem

Heid o State -
Prime Meenister -

Pairlamentary republic

Reuven Rivlin

Benjamin Netanyahu

Area 22,072 km²
8,522 sq mi
Population 2013 estimate: 8,134,100
Foondin Declaired 14 Mey 1948
Siller New Israeli Shekel (₪)
Time zone UTC+2
Naitional anthem Hatikvah
Naitional flouer
Patron saunt
Internet TLD .il
Cawin code +972

Israel ['i:zrɛl] (Ebreu: יִשְרָאֵל, Yisra'el; Arabic: إسرائيل, Isrā'īl) is a kintra in the sooth-eastren Middle East that mairches Lebanon, Sirie, Jordan, Palestine an Egyp. The caipital an muckle maist ceety is Jerusalem. Its watter mairch is the Mediterranean Sea tae the west, the Reid Sea tae the sooth. It haes a population o ower 7,200,000 fowk.

Israel is a pairlamentary democracy. It is a daveloped kintra an haes the 52nt biggest economy in the warld.