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Daylicht savin time

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Warld cairt. Europe, Roushie, maist o North Americae, pairts o soothern Soith Americae an soothern Australie, an a few ither places uise DST. Maist o equatorial Africae an a few ither places near the equator hae never uised DST. The rest o the land mass is merked as umwhile uisin DST.
Awtho nae uised bi maist o the warld's kintras, daylicht savin time is common in the Northren Hemisphere's northren latitudes.
  DST observit
  DST formerly observit
  DST never observit

Daylicht savin time (DST, English: daylight saving time)—kent as simmer time[1][2][3][4][5][6] in British English an European offícial terminology (see Terminology)—is the practice o pittin clocks forrit sae that the forenichts haes mair daylicht an the mornings haes less. Clocks is adjustit forrit ae oor naur the stairt o ware an pit back the wey in hairst.[7]

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