Moont Hermon

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Moont Hermon
Arabic: Jabal ash-Shaykh
Ebreu: Har Hermon
Moont Hermon, viewed frae Moont Bental in the Golan Hichts
Heichest pynt
Elevation 2,814 m (9,232 ft)
Prominence 1,804 m (5,919 ft)
Leetin Kintra heich pynt
Coordinates 33°24′58″N 35°51′27″E / 33.41611°N 35.85750°E / 33.41611; 35.85750Coordinates: 33°24′58″N 35°51′27″E / 33.41611°N 35.85750°E / 33.41611; 35.85750
Moont Hermon is locatit in Golan Heights
Moont Hermon
Moont Hermon
Moont Hermon's summit straddles the border atween Lebanon an Sirie.
Location Sirie (soothren slopes are locatit in the Israeli-occupied Golan Hichts)
Parent range Anti-Lebanon moontain range

Moont Hermon (Arabic: جبل حرمون , جبل الشيخ‎ / ALA-LC: Jabal al-Shaykh / "Mountain of the Chief" "Jabal Haramun"; Ebreu: הר חרמון‎‎, Har Hermon, "Moont Hermon") is a moontain cluster in the Anti-Lebanon moontain range.