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A leet of exchynge rates given by a money changer in Thailand, with the Thailand Baht as the base currency.

ISO 4217 is a staundart published bi the Internaitional Staundarts Organization, which delineates siller designators, kintra codes (alpha an numeric), an references tae minor units in three tables:

  • Table A.1 – Current siller & funds code list[1]
  • Table A.2 – Current funds codes[2]
  • Table A.3 – Leet o codes for historic denominations o sillers & funds [3]

The tables, history an ongangin discussion is maintained bi SIX Interbank Clearing.[4]

The ISO 4217 code leet is uised in bankin an business globally. In mony kintras the ISO codes for the mair common sillers are sae well kent publicly that exchynge rates published in newspapers or postit in banks use anly these tae delineate the different sillers, instead o translatit siller names or ambiguous siller seembols. ISO 4217 codes are uised on airline tickets an internaitional train tickets tae remove ony ambiguity aboot the price.

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